30 April 2009

Wargh! Nuts is joining SPNS as Wargh! Cook

Wargh! Nuts is joining SPNS as Wargh! Cook.

See ya, everyone.

Desktop Tower Defense Pro

Desktop Tower Defense Pro
The best series, IMO.

review: http://jayisgames.com/archives/2009/04/desktop_td_pro.php
play: http://www.casualcollective.com/#games/Desktop_TD_Pro

29 April 2009

Recreational Paintball Game - 23 May 2009

Recreational Paintball Game - 23 May 2009

date: 23 May, Saturday
time: 5pm

Savagekilla has a recreational game on that day.  Anyone keen to tag on?

Music Catch 2

Music Catch 2.
Enjoyable avoidance game.

26 April 2009

Face Mining: Find out if Spock ever smiled?

Face Mining: Find out if Spock ever smiled?
A demo of a pattern recognition software, using StarTrek footage as an example

24 April 2009

Starcraft 2: The release date bet, 2

Starcraft 2: The release date bet, 2
prev: http://joranatplay.blogspot.com/2008/09/starcraft-2-not-happening-in-2008.html

Joran bet: Feb 2009
Chak bet: May 2009
The trophy: The game itself

21 April 2009

A comparision of different paintball views - through different eyes

A comparision of different paintball views - through different eyes.
Found these from a net search.

An expat's "review" of the 3 paintball fields in SG.

Dewei's experiences in SG and MY.

Fergus: RD or OCC?

16 April 2009

What's the point?

The precedence has already been set; Division 3 players can play in SPNS.
So you want to play, play. It's not as though you are from Div 1 or Div 2.

Until there's a new ruling on who can join and how many players from a higher level league can join a single team, there's no need to run a poll in a cheap bid to get hits.

15 April 2009

Super Energy Apocalypse Recycled

Super Energy Apocalypse Recycled
A rehash of the earlier version with more interesting features and a hippy song.
prev: http://joranatplay.blogspot.com/2008/04/super-energy-apocolypse.html

play the new version here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/larsiusprime/super-energy-apocalypse-recycled

Planet Basher

Planet Basher

Starcraft 2: Aprils Fools!

Starcraft 2: Aprils Fools!
A unit that seems to good to be true...


13 April 2009

PSG Warfreakz SPNS 2008 leg 2 video

PSG Warfreakz SPNS 2008 leg 2 video
Just something random - found this on the net.
A very action pack recording of the pinoys at play; I've always enjoyed watching them.

Rabbids go home

Rabbids go home

news rabbids Rabbids Go Home

Today Ubisoft announced that the Rabbids will receive their own standalone brand with the Holiday 2009 release of the comedy-adventure Rabbids Go Home. Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, the game will benefit from a new engine designed specifically for the Wii, offering the Rabbids an adventure in a brand new universe. Moving up to....
(read more at link above)

10 April 2009

Chalet Gathering at Costa Sands (Pasir Ris)

[startrek.sg 1]
Chalet Gathering at Costa Sands (Pasir Ris)

from Fahmi,

To all my fellow Trekkies, there will be a chalet gathering on the 12 June 2009 until 15 June 2009, 4 days 3 nights.

Date: 12 June 2009 - 15 June 2009
Location: Costa Sands (Pasir Ris)
Event: BBQ,Games,Catering and Video Screening

Check the link below for the chalet location. Remember, It's not Costa Sands (Downtown East) but Costa Sands (Pasir Ris).


Just because it's a friendly game doesn't mean cheating is fine

Just because it's a friendly game doesn't mean cheating is fine.
edit1: number of witnesses

Last year, I took part in an unofficial paintball league. It was basically a no frills ranked match where teams just come together and see who tops the table.

In one particular match, one of the player (let's call him Arse) had been shot out and was in the dead man's box. Only one of their team member was left. Very soon, a speedy member of their opponent (let's call him Flash) came to bunker their last guy (let's call him Survivor). Everyone present thought that Survivor was being killed. In a show of sportsmanship, Flash held his fire while Survivor was being checked; the marshal declared Survivor out of the game.

Survivor challenged the marshal - that he wasn't shot. The marshal agreed and let him play on. Meanwhile, Flash was holding the flag and was running towards his home base. Arse came out of the dead man's box and pointed at Flash, "Shoot him! Shoot him!". Survivor obeyed and quickly ran after an oblivious Flash, firing. Luckily, no shots landed and Flash hanged the flag.

There were many mistakes in this incident.
1. Survivor shouldn't have challenged the marshal. The marshal's decision is final; only to be challenged after the game.
2. The marshal should not have reversed his decision on the spot.
3. Arse should not have came out of the dead man's box - failure to stay inside the dead man's box.
4. Arse should not have shouted instructions since he was killed - dead man talking.
5. Arse shouldn't have asked Survivor to chase after Flash; since Flash has spared Survivor from overshooting. Flash could have easily given Survivor extra shots to make sure that he was out. It was a show of sportsmanship and Arse, as a senior to Survivor, should not have abused it.

There were many witnesses to this event. The marshals and the teams present should have made up at least 24 (excluding Arse - there were 5 teams) people. So there's no need to email me in private to ask about it; just ask the older teams around and you'll know who he is. If any of his teammates wishes to confirm his identity; I can tell them straight and not wriggle out of an answer. I did not go around their backs and told *everyone* except them, that their guy cheated and their team are cheats. Please don't ask me; ask the other 23 witnesses. They'll verify that they are first hand witnesses.

When someone desperately wants to know an answer because their reputations are at stake, witholding that answer is downright mean. What's so hard about giving that?

Anyway, back to topic. Perhaps I'm being too stiff neck but cheating should be not be condoned at all times, whether it is a friendly game or not. Since Arse, like it or not, is a senior of the community, newbies like us would look at him and think that his actions are acceptable. Discipline and integrity should be established at all times, even in recreational games.


New labels, 2

New labels, 2


SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - match write up 3/3

edit1: correct Dark Militia's ranking


[background] We're now fighting for the 3rd / 4th placing. From now on, each challenge will be played in best-of-3 format.[/background]

Set: Nuts vs Dark Militia

Round 12

From our perspective..
Chak on the left.
Mack middle center
Houdini the one who dived to the front
Tea on the right

Result: Draw

Round 13
Chak sat out?
Sorry, left this too long, forgot =x
Result: Win

Round 14
Chak sat out?

Sorry, left this too long, forgot =x
Result: Loss

Final results:
Team Dark Militia won on elimination difference and they clinched 3rd place. Congrats =]

p.s. If anyone can help to recall the game sequence; please drop me a note. thanks.

09 April 2009

New labels

New labels
Here are some new labels I added.
Hope these helps everyone navigate my blog more easily =]

gamesEnjoyed - Games that I enjoyed very much
gamesFlawed - Games that are flawed, or unplayable
pball_speedball - Paintball subset: Speedball
pball_WoodsBall - Paintball subset: Woodsball

Team makan session - Big D's Grill

Team makan session - Big D's Grill.

Yummy. Pretty good quality meat for lower than restuarant prices.
Crabmeat linginie - $14?
Kurobuta Pork loin - $28.
US Waygu Ribeye - $48.
Full-Blood-Waygu? - $90

I had long read about Kurobuta Pork and long wished to try it. The marbling is supposed to be good and the best Kurobuta Pork can cost more than the best Kobe beef. So trying out the meat was a must on my agenda.

I shared the pork loin and ribeye with KongBa. While the pork is better than the usual fare; when I bit into a thick chunk of fats, it tasted just like - fats. Zeonic commented snidely by the side, "Pork is just pork. No matter how good it is, it's still Pork".

The ribeye was decently good. Certainly better than some ribeye I paid for at Robertson Walk. I was pretty happy with it till Zeonic offered a cut of his Full-Blood-Waygu; the texture of it simply blew everyone away.

When I sliced it, it felt like I'm cutting soft fats, not meat. When I put it into my mouth, it was like eating Waygu Beef ice-cream. Yummy.

Ok ok, so I'm an ignorant fool who has not seen the world. So what?

Overall, another successful and enjoyable makan session =]

06 April 2009

Op Phantom Thunder: Scenario update

Op Phantom Thunder: Scenario update

The weather has become increasingly hot. There has been several reports of strange happenings in the hills around the hills of Kampung Pisang. Mutilated bodies stripped of their skin have been hanging from trees in the surrounding area. Superstition and rumor of a family of Pontianak returning to feast on the hapless villagers has cast a pall of fear in the air.

The truth is worse than a family of Pontianaks. Intel suspects that the Predators have returned. Your unit has been tasked to recon the area and gather intel. And if possible, capture a Predator alive for 'debriefing'.

Succeed in your mission and you will be well rewarded. (Yes! There will be prizes...)

As this is a major scenario paintball event supported by the Johor Tourism Board, we are able to offer it at a very special price of;

$85/pax :) inclusive of...
- house mask
- house marker
- 500 paintballs
- lunch + h20
- goodie bag
- 2 way transfer to/fro Kranji MRT

- SPECIAL for this event only! @ $25 per bag of 500
- Rental of MilSim markers (AK47/M16) @ $20
- Rental of Walky Talky @ $5/piece
- 2 way transfer to/fro Kranji MRT @ $30 per pax

Players who prefer to self-drive are welcomed to convoy with us but there will not be a further discount.

RSVP with full payment by 17th Apr 2009.

04 April 2009

Launching a game; managing expectations

Launching a game; managing expectations

Someone wanted their product to be a success hit. So they do up posters, a pretty trailer or two. They even made a prelude game.

Then they disappear.

Few months later, they tell you. "Oh, the game is not completed yet. But hey, I found some time to do a new game. This helped me to get focused."

Another few months, "Oh, I'm still learning how to improve my graphics engine. From what I've learnt, I made a whole new game. Wow. Sometimes I need to make little games like this to keep me focused!"

This was 2 or 3 years back. Since XXX Prelude was made. Kinda crap to lead people on like that, don't you think?

The alpha build for XXX is now out. I'm not going to promote it. If you know what game I'm talking about; go check out their website. I warn you - it's an Alpha build. Who knows how many years he'll take to launch it.

Death Vegas

Death Vegas

Fighting game.
Nice mechanics; decent drawing.

03 April 2009

Speedball or Woodsball?

I like the furious dodging

I like the crawling

My heart beats like crazy

My sweat runs like crazy

I feel tired after each game; only to perk up before the next

I feel tired before the start of each game; only to perk up under fire; then feel despirited on the lonely walk back

I can only afford the time for 1 of them. How, how, how?

02 April 2009

Op Phantom Thunder

Op Phantom Thunder
Wargh!Paint - Scenario Paintball Special

Host: Wargh!
Type: Sports - Pick-Up
Date: Sunday, April 26, 2009
Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Kampung Pisang
City/Town: Johore Bahru, Malaysia