31 August 2008

Possible Leg 3 training dates (for me)

[september leg 3 training]
6, joran, chak, kongba
7, joran, chak, kongba

13, joran, chak, kongba

27, joran, chak, kongba
28, joran, kongba

The last canopy

edit: IE only

Side scroller
Fairy fights against humanity by absorbing their powers

"BFD (Bovine Flatulent Defense)" by Dan Black

edit: IE only

Defend your farm with cows

30 August 2008

Star Trash

edit: this game is driving me crazy
edit: still driving me crazy

Cutesy Defense Game
Parody of Star Trek and South Park

official site (developer): http://www.freecreationgames.net/?q=node/61


Castle Smasher

catapult game

29 August 2008

14 sep Recreational Paintball game namelist - r3

edit: updated

Guys... I need to get confirmations very soon...

"On" list
  1. Joran (myself)
  2. Jackson
  3. Jackson: Yanru
  4. Jackson: Yanru: bf
  5. Derek
  6. Smeagol
  7. Winnie
  8. Butters
  9. Johana
  10. Saveagekilla: Brian
  11. Saveagekilla: Brian: gf

Consider list
  1. Xinyan
  2. David
  3. Saveagekilla
  4. Ah Yam
  5. Morgaga
  6. Weijin
  7. Winne's fren
  8. Aoxiang
  9. Liyan
  10. Saveagekilla: Bernard
  11. Saveagekilla: Justin

Start "reporting" now..
Venue: BottleTree Park, Khatib
Time: 4.30pm to 7pm
  • Gathering time: 4.15pm
  • Briefing: 4.30pm. Compulsory for new players; don't be late!
  • End time: 7pm

Costs: $50 pax

Useful links


Some more SPNS leg 2 photos

Some more SPNS leg 2 photos

27 August 2008

Explaination of labels

I've decided to remove the label list from display. This post shall act as a site map.

blog - regarding this blog
broadcast - things that made it into the news or highly excites me

commentary - got something to say

gameArcade - games found in arcade centers or console based
gameFlash - online flash games
gamePC - pc games
gameSocial - games that needs others to play with you, excludes paintball as it already has a "super-tag"
games - "super-tag" involving games

grumble - something to complain about

links - hyperlinks to other sites, excludes gameFlash

onlineVideo - online videos

paintball - "super-tag". covers all paintball topics
pball_Gear - my gear or anything on paintball gear
pball_RD5 - rd5 league
pball_SPNS - singapore paintball novice series
pball_team - my team

reflections - things to think about

share - things to share
social - my social life
startrek - startrek stuffs

Paintball, how to get certified to play without the safety line and competitive play

edit1: updated

~~if you want to be BTO-ed, aka certified for competitive play~~
1. register in forum

2. come to this thread

What is the BTO?
The SPNS Basic Tournament Orientation (BTO) is designed to ensure that all participants at Red Dynasty Paintball Park are competent to play competitive paintball in accordance with PBAS requirements.

The course will be conducted by the Paintball Association of Singapore (PBAS). In this course, participants will learn about paintball safety and how to handle the marker in order to ensure a safe playing environment for everyone.
After the theory lesson, participants will be required to undergo a MCQ test before a practical test. Only after passing this practical test would they be allowed to play in the SPNS and the RD5 League and train w/o a centre line.

Do note that people is for people who want to be part of the paintball community - it is not just for people who want to play on field 3 and not join in the tournament paintball culture. The tournament paintball culture is one of walk-in, sharing of the field and scrimmages against other teams. Private practice sessions are subject only to field availability.

24 August 2008

RD5: 24th Aug 2008

edit1: team make-ip

[copied from forums]

We're A.S.S.

  1. Chak
  2. Jayex
  3. Joran
  4. Kongba
  5. Nicky(?)
  6. Sgb33f

Game 1: Redlords vs A.S.S - A.S.S
Game 2: PSG Warfreakz vs Team Damnation - PSG Warfreakz
Game 3: Red Sevens vs Redlords - Red Sevens
Game 4: A.S.S vs PSG Warfreakz - PSG Warfreakz
Game 5: Team Damnation vs Red Sevens - Red Sevens
Game 6: Redlords vs PSG Warfreakz - PSG Warfreakz
Game 7: A.S.S vs Team Damnation - A.S.S
Game 8: Red Sevens vs PSG Warfreakz - PSG Warfreakz
Game 9: Redlords vs Team Damnation - Team Damnation
Game 10: A.S.S vs Red Sevens - Red Sevens

PSG Warfreakz - 4 wins, 0 loss - 100%
Red Sevens - 3 wins, 1 loss - 75%
A.S.S - 2 wins, 2 losses - 50%
Team Damnation - 1 win, 3 losses - 25%
Redlords - 0 win, 4 losses - 0%

22 August 2008

Mad Monday

Mad Monday
High speed shoot them up

20 August 2008

EA: Spore

How did I miss this?..
The SIMs go the evolution path!

19 August 2008

Empire: Contact SE

hugs the fingers
padding for knuckles
micro-fiber for wiping lens on the field

18 August 2008

17 August 2008

Bounty Killers

Bounty Hunters
Cutesy survive-the-horde-shooter, in wild wild west style

14 August 2008

Alpha Bounty

Alpha Bounty
Cutesy shooter that's fun


14 Sep Recreational Paintball game

edit1: time

I'm organising a game on 14th Sep, Sunday
The aim this time is to catch those people who promised me to turn up if the game is on a Sunday or "next-time".

In light of the high attrition rate (60%) the last time, I'm going for a larger turnout of 24 this time. Feel free to ask your friends along but do inform me first so that we don't over-subscribe people.

Here's the a preliminary list I expect to see:
  1. Annalynn
  2. Derek
  3. Huijun
  4. Huijun: Ah Boon
  5. Jackson
  6. Johana
  7. Morgan
  8. Smeagol

Start "reporting" now..
Venue: BottleTree Park, Khatib
Time: 4.30pm to 7pm
  • Gathering time: 4.15pm
  • Briefing: 4.30pm. Compulsory for new players; don't be late!
  • End time: 7pm
Costs: $50 pax

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12 August 2008

Super HyberDoze

Protect the little girl from nightmares

Anaksha: Female Assassin

Anaksha: Female Assassin
Sniper game - better than the usual stickmen fare

Thailand banned GTA after "copycat murder"

How convenient..
and so I continue my rant. I'm lazy today and will just paste an excerpt from Wikipedia. While this is an utterly disgraceful way of holding a debate, let me point out that politicians who took pot shots at games have no solid grounds to stand on either!

--excerpt from Wikipedia
The most common argument against video games is that they promote violence. A counter-argument commonly expressed in the video game community is that playing these games does not motivate players to actually commit acts of violence in reality; playing a first person shooter does not cause most people to commit murder. A US Secret Service study found that only 12 percent of those involved in school shootings were attracted to violent video games, while 24 percent read violent books and 27 percent were attracted to violent films.[5]
An Australian study found that only children already predisposed to violence were affected by violent games.[6]

my previous post http://joranatplay.blogspot.com/2006/11/are-games-evil.html

10 August 2008

What to prepare if you are going for paintball the first time

Items in * are must have
  1. *Cash - $50, plus coins for drinks
  2. *Loose fitting-Long sleeved shirt - that you want to run and get dirty in. If you play to play real rough, please bring elbow guards. Orange colour is not allowed.
  3. Loose fitting-T-short - to be worn underneath your Loose-fitting-Long sleeved shirt. Best if it's dry fit.
  4. *Long pants or jeans - that you want to run and get dirty in. If you play to play real rough, please bring knee guards. They laid gravel behind the bunkers, if you slide on them, you're going to tear your pants.
  5. Cap - for keeping hair clean (optional)
  6. Gloves - for sliding
  7. Elbow guards and knee guards - for rough play
  8. Shoes - that cover your toes
  9. Water - hydration keeps your strength up

  10. Sunblock - I'm just kidding. You're wearing long sleeve already, aren't you? Hello?...
  11. Bath items
  12. Clean clothes
  13. Willingness to have fun - you are here to *play*, not stay clean ;)
  14. Useful post match items
  15. Ice - for your drinks or icing your bruises
  16. Plasters - if you decide to ignore my advice on long sleeves..
links: http://extremesports.suite101.com/article.cfm/paintball_clothing

03 August 2008

2 Aug, Finally

After much work (in organising), it was done.

I'll be arranging another round in Sep, on a Sunday. Hope you guys had fun.

01 August 2008

2 Aug Paintball game status - final

Venue: BottleTree Park, Khatib
Time: 10.30am-1pm, don't be late!
Costs: $30-$50, expect $50
What to wear: Long sleeved clothing that you want to run and get dirty in

Who's on?
  1. Joran (me)
  2. J: Mousey
  3. J: Monkey
  4. Chak
  5. J: Boy Boy
  6. J: Boy Boy's gf
  7. J: Jackson
  8. J: Jackson's friend
  9. C: Stephen
  10. C: Xiaopang
  11. J: Smeagol
  12. J: Savagekilla