27 February 2006

A new darkness is approaching

My brother bought Guild Wars.
I foresee dark times approaching..

Ki ka boom

Kelvin and I were playing a game called Earth and helping an ally whom we do not know in person. We more or less pounded his foe into a weak state. Then I got invaded. Were my defenses so weak? Surprise! Our ally has sold his defenses, leaving a shell of a pact with me. Felt betrayed..

18 February 2006

No games for the wicked

This morning, I went out with XKA to have a morning run. Nice =)

I got back at about 2pm and tried to logon to Earth - failed.
When I woke up from my nap, I tried to play MapleStory, but someone stole a kill from me. I dropped his fame and quickly logged off.
Finally, I tried to play Rome: Total War. I had previously un-installed it due to instability. Now my OS thinks that it's installed. I cleaned/repaired the registry to no effect. Windows sucks =
Watching a Taiwan program on ch 8 now. They were eating off seafood at shallow waters among some islands. The aboriginal claimed that after having their innards eaten (by them), you can cut it into two and the sea cucumber can regenerate into 2 seperate beings in a matter of days. Weird huh?