30 June 2009

Asia 1st Mascot Parade in S'pore: Write-up by Captain Photon

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Asia 1st Mascot Parade in S'pore: Write-up by Captain Photon.

Captain Photo's write-up; with more photos.

28 June 2009

Asia 1st Mascot Parade in S'pore: Photos

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Asia 1st Mascot Parade in S'pore: Photos.
I was there as a minder today.  My job was to guide them through the human crowd.

Choice pictures from this afternoon's "roadshow".  Full list of photos is in the forums.

source: http://forums.startrek.com.sg/viewtopic.php?p=98655#98655
prev: http://joranatplay.blogspot.com/2009/06/asia-1st-mascot-parade-in-spore.html

Spacetacular Voyage

 Spacetacular Voyage.
You pilot a indestructable ship that is imprevious to everything but the bottom of the ship.  Happy bashing!

review: http://jayisgames.com/archives/2009/06/spacetacular_voyage.php
play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/sashmackinnon/spacetacular-voyage


27 June 2009

How to Raise a Dragon

How to Raise a Dragon.
From the maker of "The Majesty Of Colors".
A choose your own fate game.

review: http://jayisgames.com/archives/2009/06/how_to_raise_a_dragon.php
play: http://armorgames.com/play/4046/how-to-raise-a-dragon

Asia 1st Mascot Parade in S'pore!

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source: http://forums.startrek.com.sg/viewtopic.php?t=4885

Time: From 27 Jun 2009 (inclusive) To 27 Jun 2009 (inclusive)
Dear ST costumers,

I am pleased to inform u that we have been invited the Asia very first Mascot Parade to be held in Singapore! [Very Happy]

Date: 27 Jun 2009 (Sat)
Time: 4.30pm - 6.30pm (Parade March)
Venue: Ngee Ann City, Orchard Road

http://mascotparade.org/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/Mascot-Parade-H eader.114220130.gif

We expected about 150 costumers will take part in this Mascot Parade. Movie Mania will deploy 70-80 costumers (wow!), I heard SW is also sending 10+ costumers. Our ST will also send in about 10 costumers (+1 as backup) as well.

As this is an major costuming event, we decided all our ST costumers should dressed up in the smart ST:FC uniforms. Hence, we have invited the following regular Trekkies who owned the ST:FC uniforms and/or participated in the last Chingay Parade 2009:

25 June 2009

In SG paintball politics, everyone monitors everybody

In SG paintball politics, everyone monitors everybody.


23 June 2009

Wargh! Nuts is going to Operation SoutherN Sun

Wargh! Nuts is going to Operation SoutherN Sun
ref: http://joranatplay.blogspot.com/2009/06/operation-souther-sun-introduction-to.html

Chiong sua while getting shot at is a bad combo. I "swore" never to go again.
We're going this weekend. =]


21 June 2009

Epic War 3

Epic War 3.
Performance has been improved, compared to the previous version.
Now you get a hero unit too!
I feel: Much more enjoyable to play this time round.  However, it feels boring after a while, recycling the same strategies over and over.

play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/rudy_sudarto/epic-war-3

Shield Defense

Shield Defense
Deflect the enemy's weapons back to them!

play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/PitchMobile/shield-defense

20 June 2009

4k Flash: Falling With Style

4k Flash: Falling With Style.
Guide your free fall.

play: http://www.gamepoetry.com/blog/4k-flash-falling-with-style/

Nest of Moai 2

Nest of Moai 2
Use your mouse to clear those Standing Heads.

play: http://www.gungho.jp/webtama/moai.html

Rapture Capture

Rapture Capture.
Weird scroller with an invincible tug-wire.

review: http://jayisgames.com/archives/2007/04/rapture_capture.php
play: http://tonakai.aki.gs/interactive/rc1e.html

Rose & Camellia

Rose & Camellia.
You are Reiko, the low-born wife of the eldest son of an old family.  After your husband passed away, you can under verbal insults by the ladies of the house.  You can't stand them anymore!

review: http://jayisgames.com/archives/2007/07/rose_and_camellia.php
play: http://nigoro.jp/game/rosecamellia/rosecamellia.php

Space Capstar II

Space Capstar II.
Another thrusters game.  This is cute and forgiving enough for me to post it.

review: http://jayisgames.com/archives/2007/10/space_capstar_ii.php
play: http://nigoro.jp/game/capstar2/index.php?lang=en

Mr Coo: El Laberinto Esférico

Mr Coo: El Laberinto Esférico.
Stylish point & Click game.
Plays out like an animated comic book; clicking one cell will affected another one.

review: http://jayisgames.com/archives/2008/07/mr_coo_el_laberinto_esferico.php
play: http://www.mistercoo.com/laberinto.html

Xeno Raider

Xeno Raider.
Control with cute Zelda clone with only your mouse!
Cute, with logical puzzles.  Easy to complete.

play: http://babarageo.com/flash/xenoraider/index.html

Following Uchu Force 2, I found this

Following Uchu Force 2, I found the original.
Cute Retro STMU game.

site: http://babarageo.com/e/
play: http://babarageo.com/flash/uchuforce/index.html

Uchuforce 2

 Uchuforce 2
Cute retro scroller.
review: http://jayisgames.com/archives/2008/04/uchuforce_2.php
play: http://babarageo.com/flash/uchuforce2/index.html

Arachnophilia: The Spider Web Game

Arachnophilia: The Spider Web Game.
Spin your web. Make it strong enough to trap the strong ones.

review: http://jayisgames.com/archives/2008/05/arachnophilia_the_spider_web_game.php
play: http://www.digyourowngrave.com/arachnophilia-spider-web-game/


Use Boxmen

Use Boxmen.
Let your clones take the plunge.  Use them.

play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/GregAnims/use-boxmen
walkthrough: http://www.bubblebox.com/gameinfo/boxmen.htm

Operation SoutherN Sun: Introduction to scenario paintball

Operation SoutherN Sun: Introduction to scenario paintball.
source: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=89337256866

If you are a new or casual player interested to find out more about Scenario Paintballing, come join us as we introduce to you the concepts and ease you into the gameplay.

Wargh! Dogs will be on hand to guide each group as they face off against each other.

Target group -> New or Casual players

Charges per Pax - $99.90 inclusive of...
- Protective Mask
- Protective Vest (for ladies)
- Paintball Marker
- 500 Paintballs
- Lunch
- 2 Way Transfer. Kranji MRT/Bt Ramly/Kranji MRT

Additional Paintballs
500 balls = $50
1000 balls = $85
1x box = 2000 balls = $150
5x box = 10000 balls = $700 ($140 per box)
10x box = 20000 balls = $1300 ($130 per box)

Those with their own transport are welcomed to convoy up.

Please RSVP by 17th June 2009
The RSVP date has lasped but if you're interested, I'll get in touch with the organiser

18 June 2009

Babarian Onslaught: The Secret of Steel

Babarian Onslaught: The Secret of Steel.
Side scroller slashing game with cute graphics. (Runs slow on my system though)
With only directional arrows and a spacebar for controls, it has pretty decent moves.

review: http://jayisgames.com/archives/2009/06/barbarian_onslaught_the_secret_of_steel.php
play: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/498326

14 June 2009

Little Wheel

Little Wheel.
Cute and stylish point and click adventure.  Pretty logical and easy to complete.

"There was once a world of living robots. But one day a bad accident occurred in the main power generator. The world fell into a deep sleep. Bring life back to the world!"


D-Day Defender

D-Day Defender/
Pixellated Defend the Castle.


13 June 2009

11 June 2009

Which group is more valuable? Rec ball players or Speed ball players?

Which group is more valuable? Rec ball players or Speed ball players?

In pure business sense, Rec ball players. They come in droves, every 2 hours in large groups. Compare them to the flashy Speed ball players who come in 1 big group but leave in 1 big group.

So no contest. In pure business accounting, it's the Rec ball players that give paintball fields their bread.

From a marketing perspective, I'll vote for Speed ball players for being more valuable. An average Rec ball player will play about 2x in his whole lifetime. He might organise a single game for his friends, before moving on. A Speed ball player in Singapore might spend between $1000-2000 / year honing his skills. On top of that, he brings in more players, both into the Speed ball arena, as well as recreational play.

Who then, is more valuable?

10 June 2009

SPNS 2009 Leg 2 - Rebels R' Us vs. Wargh!cooks

SPNS 2009 Leg 2 - Rebels R' Us vs. Wargh!cooks
Thanks Rebels R'Us

SPNS 2009 Leg 2 - Dark Militia Vs Wargh! Cooks

SPNS 2009 Leg 2 - Dark Militia Vs Wargh! Cooks.
Thanks, DM.

The Sims 3 - was Will Wright involved?

The Sims 3 - was Will Wright involved?
Finally found a piece of info, no citation in the wiki though, so can't say it's verified.

Will Wright, the creator of the original The Sims, was not involved in the production of The Sims 3, Maxis was also not involved in the production of The Sims 3.

07 June 2009

Xeno Tactic

Xeno Tactic.
This flash game was written in 2008.  I gave it a second try today and liked it.  Smooth drawing and decent weapons.  The drawback is that it doesn't warn you what kind of aliens is coming in the next wave.

play: http://www.defenseonlinegames.com/node/312/play

05 June 2009

Don't prop up one side by bashing down the other

Don't prop up one side by bashing down the other.

If marshals deserve respect due to their hardwork and dedication, then so do journalists.
Journalists have to spend days to set up interviews. More time had to be spent afterwards to email their subjects for confirmations and follow-up questions. All these source material but they only have a small column to put it in. They have to be forgiven if they make mistakes - like marshals.

What I feel:
Calling someone "noob" for doing his job is disrespectful.
Labeling another athlete "dope" because he is not your choice is uncalled for.
"Re-writing" someone's article to provoke him is rude.

If we were to establish Paintball as a respected sport, then we should *not* be making fun of other sports and other sportsmen. If you need to look at good example, you can refer to King's post. He was fair and he thanked the journalist; something we could all learn from.

03 June 2009

Will Wright leaves EA, founds Stupid Fun Club

Will Wright leaves EA, founds Stupid Fun Club.
Ok, I'm a bit slow.  It's sad that he left.

Designers are sometimes the soul of a company.  Look at the product that Microprose dared to name, "Civilization 3".