30 August 2006

DotA 6.36

Had a nice game today. I had 10 kills and I thought I could commit the ultimate insult by running into Morgaga's base and steal something. Ah well... 10 Kills to 1 Death.

DotA had a new map version 6.36. For days, players have been whining about the late release of map 6.36 with AI bots coded inside. They whine, they demand, they curse. If only I could post, I would scold them upside down.


29 August 2006

Tired of my $69.90 game

Ok, I finally got tired of Galactic Civilisation 2.
Maybe I'll reinstall Alpha Centauri.

This is the unofficial sequel to Civilisation 2, by his new company Fraxis. The planet is overgrown with a red alien fungus which hides hostile mindworms. You can choose to clear them away or unlock their secrets. I also like how every political, economical or social choice you make will definitely make someone unhappy. It was a perfectly balanced game in my opinion. If only Sid would come out with Alpha Centauri 2...


02 August 2006

Level up...

Via Spigel has progressed beyond a noobie...