24 November 2014

The Last Door - Season 1 episode 4

The Last Door - Season 1 episode 4.
Point and click adventure.

Joran: Been a fan of this atmospheric story.  A group of friends dabbled in some sort of summoning, and things went very wrong.  It uses a retro-pixel graphics style and gameplay is quite accessible.  Some gripes - some episodes have sequence that are damn hard.

Like: Puzzles are quite logical for this episode.


27 June 2014

Steam sales: offered something I want

Now what

Steam sales, please give me something I want

Come on...

22 June 2014


I have terribly weak thighs.
That has got to change.

27 April 2014

HOTUD shutting down, and my letter

Joran: While documenting old games for my personal database today, I came across this piece of news.

HOTUD (Feb 2014):
"Bad news everybody!

Okay so this\'ll be short, but in all likelihood, I am going to be shutting this page down. It\'s expensive (very), and I do not think it\'s needed anymore given the success of GOG.com, Abandonia, and a few others. I simply don\'thave the time to keep it up and running, nor can do I have the time to make it the kickass community that I think it needs to be. I tried to ping abandonia about taking it over, but I never got a response. if anyone else has any alternative ideas, drop me a line at admin at hotud.org and we can figure something out."

The original "Home of the Underdogs" was site that provided downloaded to Abandon-ware.  Not just that, they had great write-ups on the games - I was often moved by their writings to try them out.
When "Home of the Underdogs" closed down in Feb 2009, supporters/fans set up two sites to continue the legacy:
www.hotud.org <-- This one

My email to the admin:
"Dear Admin,
it's a sad news to hear that the site will be shutting down.
What drew me to the site of HOTU in its original incarnation (other than the downloads) was the homage paid to the various classics.  It was a delight to read passionate descriptions of the games.
Thank you for keeping HOTU alive as long as you could."

What's my point of posting this?
I don't know, something of a homage to the original HOTU, and its spiritual offspring www.hotud.org.
If some kind soul could finance the work, it'll be great.  Else one day, classic games would be placed in an emotionless alphabetical listing.
HOTUD shutting down, and my letter.

26 February 2014

Free Fred

Side scrolling shooter.

Likes: Easy fun; ship upgrades are cool
Dislike: Not much tactical depth, just target prioritisation.

play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/myplayyard/free-fred

subject: Free Fred

25 February 2014

Kamikaze Pigs

Chain reaction game.
Like: cool implementation
Dislikes: Long grinding process, last stage is a matter of luck - frick'in difficult.

play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/MostroGames/kamikaze-pigs

subject: Kamikaze Pigs

18 February 2014

Monster Castle: Level Pack

Monster Castle: Level Pack.
Tower Defense.  Kinda a sequel to the first Monster Castle Defense.
previously: http://joranatplay.blogspot.sg/search?q=monster+castle&max-results=20&by-date=true

Like: I love the first game.
Dislikes: Difficulty; lack of in-game information; random appearance of graveyard (tower sites) makes some situations a matter of luck.

Joran: I want to like this game, but it's too damn hard.  Here's my compilation of tips.

play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/fliptico/monster-castle-level-pack

Defense ideas

1) Slime+Bony Defense
Place a Slime in front of a Bony.  This will allow a Bony to get 2 strikes on the default enemy grunt.
Suggested by: Casaub0n, RobotCrusoe
My opinion: An effective combo for your ground level.  Also a good choice when ground level space is limited.

2) Slime+Dragon Defense
Place a Slime in front of a Dragon.  Once Dragon gets upgraded, it'll get a freeze attack.
Suggested by: col63onel
My opinion: Without an idea what to place at the back, this is a costly setup.  A fully upgraded dragon is very effective against late wave knights as their ice attacks hold them at bay.

3) Sprout Defense
Go pure Sprouts.
Suggested by: watchout5
My opinion: Not favoured.  Sprouts are too under-powered for my liking.  They are for defending long lanes though.

Q. What's the use of Corpe?
A. It gives you extra bones per enemy killed.

Q. How to get 3 stars?
A. Full health, and at least 500 bones.

12 February 2014

Four Players Are Co-Op Heroes. The Fifth Is Their Giant Enemy. Fight!

Four Players Are Co-Op Heroes. The Fifth Is Their Giant Enemy. Fight!

A new multiplayer game where the 5th player can play as the monster.

source: http://kotaku.com/four-players-are-co-op-heroes-the-fifth-is-their-giant-1520094796

video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wmklRY2JXI


08 February 2014

Versus Ohrustenny Quest

Versus Ohrustenny Quest.
Point And Click Adventure.

Like: Simple, Comical, Short and Fun while it lasted.
Joran: Enjoy a light comedy.

play: http://jayisgames.com/games/versus-ohrustenny-quest/

28 January 2014

Candy Crush Saga Makers Go After The Banner Saga. - dated 27 Dec 2013

Candy Crush Saga Makers Go After The Banner Saga. - dated 27 Dec 2013.

Not content with trying to corner the word "Candy", King.com, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, also want to own the word "Saga". So they've have taken legal action against strategy game The Banner Saga.

On December 27, 2013, King.com filed a "Notice of Opposition" with the US Patent and Trademark Office. It says that because King has 13 trademarks with the word "saga" in them, Stoic's colourful strategy game isn't allowed to use the word.

source: http://kotaku.com/candy-crush-saga-makers-go-after-the-banner-saga-for-1506188958

27 January 2014

Another shot at griefers: Have respect for your games

Another shot at griefers: Have respect for your games.

As a gamer,  I detest griefers.
To be fair, I'm not innocent of such crimes.  I have committed it against friends who could curse me and (perhaps) forgiver me.  I've never done it online, where Joran / JoranAtPlay upholds my ideals of fair play, never-say-die and sportsmanship.  So it rankles when I'm accused of cheating, or get added to the ban list because I got to go, or get disconnected.
Griefers could appear in PvE situations - kicking travelers off a bridge.
They could a appear on your team, destroying your game for the fun of it.
Or as the situation turns in their disfavour, or you angered them in some way, they'll sabotage their team (yours) before leaving.
All these are uncalled for.  A gamer who enjoys his hobby, should respect the needs of others to enjoy their session.  That aside, he needs to take losses in stride.  During my obsession with BFME, I kept recordings of my losses, studied them, copied/countered the tactics employed against me, and improved my game.  I'm pretty proud to have achieved a good ranking.  That started, from losing.

Previously: Anti-Social behaviour Part 2: Griefing (game)

Wesnoth 1.10.7: Maintenance Release

Wesnoth 1.10.7: Maintenance Release.

source: http://www.wesnoth.org/

Saturday, August 24 2013

Wesnoth 1.10.7 has been released. This is a bugfix release for the stable 1.10 series. For information about other changes in this release, please visit this forum thread.
We offer two versions of the changelog: a rather nice to read players changelog that only includes changes every player will probably notice (and often feels empty because devs tend to forget to add their stuff there) and the (rather) complete changelog with (almost) all the details, which might make your head spin due to the technical terms used every now and then...
At the moment the Windows and OpenPandora packages are ready. You can find them on the download page. Once the others are done you can find them on the download page, too...
trackback: http://joranatplay.blogspot.com/search?q=wesnoth

Myth II: Soulblighter v1.8.0

Myth II: Soulblighter v1.8.0
Another update from Project Magma.
source: http://projectmagma.net/downloads/myth2_180/
previously: http://joranatplay.blogspot.com/search?q=myth

Below are some of the highlights of the 1.8 update:
  • New game type: "King of the Map". This mode uses territories flags and weighted king of the hill scoring based on number of flags held.
  • New "Rehost" and "Restart" buttons in the multiplayer quit/pause dialog for the host, so that it's no longer necessary to drop or suicide to restart the game.
  • New hosting option to display narrations and cutscenes during cooperative multiplayer.
  • Extended zoom: up to 5x in replays and when observing (requires DX11/OpenGL).
  • New "Motion Interpolation" option to make the game even smoother.
  • Improved New Game and Multiplayer New Game dialogs, with enhanced and streamlined plugin management.
  • Numerous performance optimizations to improve game launch speed, save game load time, and CPU use while playing.