06 April 2009

Op Phantom Thunder: Scenario update

Op Phantom Thunder: Scenario update

The weather has become increasingly hot. There has been several reports of strange happenings in the hills around the hills of Kampung Pisang. Mutilated bodies stripped of their skin have been hanging from trees in the surrounding area. Superstition and rumor of a family of Pontianak returning to feast on the hapless villagers has cast a pall of fear in the air.

The truth is worse than a family of Pontianaks. Intel suspects that the Predators have returned. Your unit has been tasked to recon the area and gather intel. And if possible, capture a Predator alive for 'debriefing'.

Succeed in your mission and you will be well rewarded. (Yes! There will be prizes...)

As this is a major scenario paintball event supported by the Johor Tourism Board, we are able to offer it at a very special price of;

$85/pax :) inclusive of...
- house mask
- house marker
- 500 paintballs
- lunch + h20
- goodie bag
- 2 way transfer to/fro Kranji MRT

- SPECIAL for this event only! @ $25 per bag of 500
- Rental of MilSim markers (AK47/M16) @ $20
- Rental of Walky Talky @ $5/piece
- 2 way transfer to/fro Kranji MRT @ $30 per pax

Players who prefer to self-drive are welcomed to convoy with us but there will not be a further discount.

RSVP with full payment by 17th Apr 2009.


  1. i know who was the only to be shot under the mask