29 January 2009

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - field layout

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - field layout

28 January 2009

Spot the difference: Dreams

Spot the difference: Dreams
I'm usually not tempted to play Spot the difference games. This one has good interface and nice fantasy scenes.

27 January 2009

Op Busted Cherry - write-up, 2/2

Op Busted Cherry - write-up, 2/2
(please refer to Op Busted Cherry - write-up, 1/2)

-Game 3
We switched the playing fields. This time, we were looking at a "valley", separated by a muddy stream, with a single wooden bridge. The enemy has snatched our buddy, who looked like a inflated blue dummy. He's a swell guy, really.

We started the descent. We constantly had to watch our footing or pitfalls.  Once we reached the lower part of the slopes, we came under fire.  Some of us scrambled for the high ground to our left.

The left was a mistake.  We ended up in a duel with people hiding behind the banana tree.  There's a path of the left, along the fenceline but there's someone guarding it.  I was leaking gas at this moment as the tank was not screwed tight; was quite worried that either I ran out of gas or the tank might free itself and give me a nasty punch.  So I did something reckless and dueled with the guy on the left.  Died.

Round: Lost

Zeonic lost air again this round so he was rather pissed.  He had paid extra to get a marker which was customised to look like an AK-47.

-Game 4
We switched sides and this time, we got their blue buddy!  Heh Heh.

The multicam guys were laid as a 4 men team, fanned out on a ledge overlooking the bridge.  The bridge was short, wide enough to squeeze 2 and can be crossed in 4 steps.  That means the stream is too wide to jump over.

Myself, Chak, Zeonic, Kongba were positioned in a hut, which had seen better days.  The hut is on the highest ground and overlooks our guys on the ledge.  Xterix patrolled the ledge from left to right.  Some of our guys watched our right flank, where I tried to approach in Game 3.  Our left was supposed to be impassable.

Game start.  The attackers filtered down to the bridge and got bogged down by our fire.  Team Wargh! Nuts was pretty bored as we were too far from the action.  Our guys were making decent kills.

Ceasefire.  An attacker got stuck in the stream and we halted play to get him out.  4 of the attackers got the bright idea of crossing the bridge during this truce; this was watched by us but we kept quiet.  Unknown to us, 2 of the attackers made an illegal out-of-bounds crossing on our left flank, successfully crossing the stream without the need of a bridge.

Carry on.  The 4 attackers were shot "dead" instantly as our guys on the ledge had them in their sights.  Served them right.  Meanwhile, Xterix was worried about our left flank and asked for 2 volunteers from our hut.  Chak and I responded.

Upon reaching our left flank, one of our team member was engaging 2 enemies.  I rushed up, dueled with them.  Shouting for Chak to move up, I moved between the speedboats.  One of the attackers made a run for the hut, catching us by surprise.  Me and Chak turned on him.  Kongba and Zeonic poked out of the huts, firing.  He surrendered from the paint.  Phew.

Turning back to the remaining foe, I added pressure on him; there were 2 markers firing on him.  He ran for another cover and I think our initial defender shot him under his armpits.  Threat cleared :)

Hungry for another "kill", I patrolled the top but there are no more attackers to be killed; they were still stuck on the opposite "bank", trading shots with us.  Bored, I stood next to a malay guy in the open.
"Aiyah, this range cannot hit us la"
As soon as he said that, a ball arced in and broke on my chest.
"Yeah, like this lor", I remarked dryly.

Ceasefire!  Everyone sort of went bezerk, emptying their remaining paint into the air.  Us at the back shot of our paint at a tin shack

I declared almost immediately that this will be my last attempt at woodsball.  On reflection, I think the appeal is that it is a common experience that is shared by a larger group of friends, instead of a 3 to 4 men speedball team.  Stupid stories like KongBa's and mine can be retold as funny jokes.
Perhaps I might be open for another game in another site but it won't be happening so soon.  Key concerns are time and fatigue.
Thank you to Wargh! Dogs and Wargh! Nuts for the good time :)


25 January 2009

Op Busted Cherry - write-up, 1/2

Op Busted Cherry - write-up

6am - I woke up
7.15am - I arrived at Bishan MRT taxi stand
7.45am - Someone just woke up (Yes, I must say!!!)
8.45am - We set off for 2nd Link (We're only 1 hr 45 mins late)
10am - Had MacDonald's after crossing the borders
10++am - Arrived at "Bukit Ramly"
11.30am - First game, offense
12++am - 2nd game, defense
2pm - 3rd game , offense
3pm - 4th game, defense
4pm - Play a fool
Terrain: Uneven sloped grassland with few trees. Got to watch your footing.
Paint: Yellow, dry and leaves a white stain
Cover: Long grass, wooden boards, broken down huts
Rules: Anything goes, with safety in mind
Elimination: A hit on the torso or head. Or if a person goes Out-of-bounds

-Game 1
In the first game, we were the attackers. We were quite catious in approaching the hill. After we contacted an enemy, we started to fan out. We managed to make the enemy snipers duck back in but nothing much is done. At this point, I decided to crawl up the grassy slope while the others continue up the dirt trail.

I reached the first tree where the first enemy was spotted; there was nobody. I popped up my head and scanned around and almost immediately drew fire. I hit the ground and the long grass provided good cover. Somewhere behind me, Zeonic opened fire and pinned my attacker down. I got up, saw his legs and took a shot; it hit his thigh; he wriggled away. A bunch of tall grass stood between us so we couldn't directly fire at each other. I rounded the grass and saw his lower body again, I hit him now on his biceps; he wriggled away again.

Feeling pity for his hits, as well as frustrated, I called out for him to surrender. He readily did. Thus, Zeonic and I got our first kill =]

My demise came about the same way. Shots came from my front and back (what the...) and I had to duck. I saw someone; Someone saw me. We decided to charge each other while the other was in the vulnerable prone position. I got pinned and got hit 3 times around my thighs; I surrendered.

[Pic] Splatters on my back with a teammate taking a drink. (Click to enlarge)

Round: Lost

On inspection, I only suffered a single bruise on my thigh. The groin shots were probably deflected because the material was stretched taut while I was scrambling.

-Game 2
This time, we're the defenders. Taking the same "hill", we choose our bunkers. My bunker was simply a propped up wooden board. Zeonic and Kongba had a broken down shed. The gaps in the planks gave only about 40% cover but it was sufficient. They did not get a hit throughout the game.

On game start, a lone enemy took the steep slope to approach us, instead of the gentler trail. He was spotted by our guys on the "plateu" and fired upon, killed within a minute. I witnessed the event but could not participate as I could not sight him.

Next, a section came openly up the path. Chak opened fire and they scattered into 2 squads, left and right. The left was "higher up the slope and nearer to us. The right was "lower down" and near a tree. The left was decimated rather quickly while the right was sneaky and only got shot out near the end. The rest of the enemy was unknown to us. I assumed they were killed by our guys on a different approach. It was the action of the squad that split to the left (nearer to us) that involved me.

I was dutifuly watching my approach. The initial action was started by Chak. Now the action was with Zeonic and Kongba, as well as our "snipers" on top of the "plateau". I'm more useful in covering a retreat for the three of them, if it happens.

[Pic] Our positions. Click to enlarge.

A long "fart" by Zeonic's marker told all of us that his marker was down. I was then reassigned to take up his position. If you look at my bunk, you can see that the "bunker" was not a very good cover. It was a 40% cover bunker versus someone hiding in the tall grass. Amazingly, not a shot got through to us, probably thanks to the tall grass as well as our friends above us.

One of the enemy got very close and disclosed his location to me. I took advantage of the grass and ran to his right, unobserved. Another guy apparently had the same idea and slided down to join me. We marked that guy out but came under heavy fire ourselves. I covered his retreat and let him return to his vantage point.

[Pic] development of the skirmish. Click to enlarge.

Over giddy with success, I stayed in the field, waiting for the hidden foes. A smack on the right side of my head taught me the errors of my ways.

Round: Won

22 January 2009

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - schedule of events

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - schedule of events

31 January 2009 (SAT) (4.00 pm - 6.00 pm) - Walk the field

31 January 2009 (SAT, 6.00 pm) - Captain's briefing and draw lots (Please be punctual)
1 February 2009 (8.00 am) - Competition Day

Too tired to blog about Op Busted Cherry

Too tired to blog about Op Busted Cherry


Documentary on Speedball, by Lum Hui of Kamikaze

Documentary on Speedball, by Lum Hui of Kamikaze

Speedball 5:00
We examine the fast-paced, energetic sport of paintball. The documentary provides information on the gameplay and sheds light on why people enjoy the sport so much and how it is truly a game for everyone.

School raffles junior college
Genre Documentary
Theme It's Playtime!


17 January 2009

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - we are joining

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - we are joining

It's official now - Wargh! Nuts is attending SPNS 2009 Leg 1. Let's roll.

16 January 2009

Op Busted Cherry [brief]

Op Busted Cherry [brief]
-from Andy

Hi all,

We are good to go for this Sunday's game. Come dressed in your favorite army gear and get ready for WARRGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total Headcount from Singapore is 39.

For those of your friends not on this mailing list, please forward it to them as I wouldnt have their address if they didnt RSVP.

- Meeting Time = 8am
- Location = xxxxx MRT Station Drop Off Point

Program for the Day (best/worse case, all times are approximate)
0800 - Meet Up @ xxxxx MRT
0815 - Van leaves for check point
0830 - Check point clearance
0900 - Hopefully we are on the way to Bkt Ramly
0930 - Arrival at Bkt Ramly -> change to game gear, etc.
1000 - Orientation + Game
1230 - Lunch
1330 - Briefing for scenario + planning time for teams
1600 - Operation Ends -> rest/clean up
1700 - Leave for dinner
1800 - Dinner
2000 - Depart for SG.

Things to Note
- Please drink as much water as possible the night before and during the day too.
* Bottled water is available on site.
- Please DO NOT fill your hydration (water) bags with these bottles or there will not be enough. Suggest you freeze your waterbags the night before for a whole day of cold water ;)
- Game will carry on in light to moderate rain.
- Drink when you can even if you dont feel thirsty.
- Play area, please see the attached map.
- If you are not feeling well on Sunday, or feel that you cant carry on, do let us know.
- A basic 1st Aid Kit is available for cuts and scraps.
- Hydrate yourself during the breaks.
- You will get tired and you will get hit by paintballs so please get ample rest the night before.

Things to Bring
- Change of clothes, DO NOT wear your SAF army gear to/fro.
- Those players in SAF #4... do remove all rank and insignia if possible.
- Those without camouflage clothes, please try to wear darker colored clothes, do not wear white unless you want everyone to know where you are :)
- Hiking boots with ankle protection or covered shoes at the minimal.
- NO slippers, sandals, etc.
- Knee/Elbow pads are useful, suggest you sewed a little loop onto the knee area of your pants to prevent the knee pads from shifting during play.
- Anti-fog solution.
- Towel, wet wipes to clean up with.
- Mossie repellent - dont recall ever being bitten tho but then again, it could be coz my blood isnt sweet enough.
- Snacks and morale food in case you need some motivation ;)
- Some RM$ just in case you need to use it.
- And most importantly, a positive attitude :)

We will be heading to a nearby mall for dinner. Please bring RM$ to pay for your own dinner.

WarGH! (pronounced as 'War!') - Tactical Team Sports. Bringing the Battlefield Alive.

"Si vis pacem para bellum."

A post to help promote TILT

A post to help promote TILT

TILT had provided us (local speedball players) with many quality pictures in the past. Here's a link to their paintball coverage.

08 January 2009

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - announcement is out

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - announcement is out

With 3 weeks left on the clock, some details for Leg 1 is finally out.

1st Leg - 1 Feb 2009

2nd Leg - 17 May 2009
3rd Leg - 26 Jul 2009
4th Leg - 18 Oct 2009

4 men team
assumption is 2 reserves

early bird registration: $220 ($55 pax)
normal registration: $270 ($67.5 pax)
extra paintballs: unknown, historically $85 / bag
ID tags: historically $10 pax

This is a bold move indeed. Not only are the number of players bumped up to 4, so are the number of legs.

More in tune with the MPOC, who require 5 players to play 5 legs
More entertaining games, as 3 men teams collapse very quickly once they lose a player

It raises the costs. 33.3%. per match and 44.4% per year. This has not factored in that the matches will last longer and more rounds will be shot.
Lesser teams participating. Attrition is part of a team's life cycle. Most teams have 4-5 men. Some of them might have gone inactive. Some teams might merge or give some of the legs a miss.

[rough estimate of balls needed, of a team that entered the Quarter-Finals]
Qualifying: 8 rounds
Quarters: 3 rounds
Assuming no starting paint given (no details yet but was suggested)
Assuming front men fires 150 rounds while backmen fires 350 rounds, one team will expend 1000 balls / match
11 rounds x 1000 balls = 11,000 rounds

-assuming no starting balls given
11,000 rounds => 22 bags
22 bags => $1870 per team, per leg ($467.5 pax)
Total costs: $532.5 ($55 +$10 +$467.5)

-assuming 2000 balls given (based on past)
(11,000 - 2,000) rounds => 18 bags
18 bags => $1530 per team, per leg ($382.5 pax)
Total costs: $447.5 ($55 +$10 +$382.5)

As at now, playing competitively seems to be getting expensive.
However, everything is still too early to say. Let's see what the future holds.


05 January 2009

Dark Sun: (Free) Official Download

Dark Sun: (Free) Official Download
I suppossed it's to drum up interests in Dark Sun Online..
This is one of my favourite TSR games. -joran

review by the under dogs: http://www.the-underdogs.info/game.php?gameid=1513

01 January 2009

Inactivity over the past weeks

Looks like the new year has spurned many inactive bloggers into putting up a post or two.  I wanted to but it involves too much work to sum up the year.

For the last month, circumstances led me to be tied up in time and energy.  When I reached home, all I want is to play a short game before dozing off.  Nothing different to you perhaps but these days, my games are restricted to Facebook games and I don't even have time to properly maintain them.

The emphasis of this blog has largely shifted paintball due to my competitive nature and a reduction of time for PC games  It is still in my intention to promote all my interests listed here.

I wish everyone a happy new year.