28 May 2008

Choice of mask



24 May 2008

20080524 Paintball

copied from forums
we're Wargh!Nuts


Training Results

Wargh!Nuts vs Carnage 3v3 1:1
XXL vs HotFuzz/Kamikaze 4v4 1:0
Wargh!Nuts vs XXL 3v3 2:0
Carnage vs HotFuzz/Kamikaze 4v4 1:0
Carnage/Calgar vs Wargh!Nuts 3v3 2:0
XXL vs HotFuzz/Kamikaze 4v4 0:2
Wargh!Nuts/XXL vs HotFuzz/Kamikaze 4v4 0:1
Kamikaze/Carnage vs XXL 5v5 1:0

there were a few more matches after that but i did not get the results as i left

We need to practice more! we have a 50/50 win/lose ratio...

19 May 2008

08 May 2008

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Re: Training Session
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17 free
18 (bday thingy)
19 (50% bday thingy reschedule)
20 ICT, released after 5 (99% book by gf for bday)
21 ICT, released after 5
22~31 ICT, 40% probability free, due to time eating. 2 days on, 2 days off
1~7, 40% probability free

ps. can we get our gear asap? I want to use it for at least 1 training session before leg 2 =]

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Re: Training Session
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as our birthday gift to joran, lets stick to the 17th so he can come play. wouldn't want him to wean off this addiction so soon eh.