11 April 2015

Dominions 4.16

This version has revised costs for all pretenders and the amount of
design points available has been increased by 150 for pretenders and
100 for disciples. There are also a bunch of new pretenders to choose
from and the dominion spread mechanic has been tweaked to make it
easier to play with a low dominion score. There are also various
performance improvements, bug fixes, new mod commands and new random

More varied pretender costs and +150/+100 design points
Pretender cost auto calculation
Dominion spread chance changed to 50% + dom str*5%
Shape changing units can die in one strike if it's powerful enough to kill the next shape too.
Auto kill occurs 20 rounds later to give more time for auto rout.
Rainbow didn't affect allies, fixed
New monster pretenders
Some new pretender titles
Changed the selection of pretenders for some nations
New graphics/sounds for some spells
Adding thrones to .map files automatically adds ascension points too
Independent wizards got more spells researched
Can select players with only 1 nation in era
New throne effect 'Dominion conflict bonus'
Mercenaries no longer drown when unhired
Siren's lure didn't work, fixed
Monolith could blink and use stygian paths
Wish fix
Nicer handling of corrupted turn files
Geoglyph didn't reduce MR properly
Supaya reanimation changes
Print 'defence negates' on those weapons
Void Lord cannot have helmet
Serpent tailed pretenderws can wear armor
Battle performance improvement
Host performance improvement
uw stat, spells and item fixes
Dragons did not use ammo for breath weapon in melee
Slash/Pierce weapons only gets -1 penalty under water
Underwater non pierce penalty fix
Stone beings not affected by plague or disease
New magic item for Nazca
Crumble was way too effective
Send horror resulted in one horror too many
Theft of the Sun now affects resources too
Don't auto summon units when you have fled the field
Max number of commanders increased 9990 -> 20000
Max number of units increased 160000 -> 250000
New option: --maxunits to limit number of units
Disease effect on death blessed arrows didn't work
Ethereal did not offer protection against some non damaging spells
Xibablba UW defence fix
Improved gem cheat detection
Cheat detection fix for mercs
Random map generation speedup
Improved dirt generation on random maps
New switches for random maps: --mapdirt, --mapdirtcol, --mapdirtsize
Minor memory leak fixed
Game info says whether story event are enabled or not
Snow/Rain/Sea graphics performance improvement
Altered snow and rain fall
Site power that kills undead & demons only affected undead
Swamp survival boots didn't help against miasma
Azi and Drakon have 3 head slots
Demonic Locusts
Dementia didn't heal correctly
Gossamer Cloth etc didn't give properly rounded scout reports
Bug fix for shape shifting units starting with magic items
Flying raiders needed 10000 patrollers to get caught
Xibalba dart throwers in towers has dmg value 12 instead of 0
Corpse Eater icon
Pretender discounts can now be set per nation
Stat fixes
Site fixes
Events updated
Typos fixed

AI lab building improvements
AI Mictlan more likely to blood sacrifice
AI gem usage fix

New poptype mod commands: #defunit1, #defmult1, #defcom1, etc.
New mod commands: #disableoldnations, #clearallevents
New mod commands: #batstartsum6d6 ... sum9d9
New mod commands: #req_targitem, #req_gold, #killpop, #removesite
Event mod command renamed #newsite -> #addsite
New unlimited always event (rarity 5) for modding
Rarity 13 events also happens at low population levels
New nation mod commands: #cheapgod20, #cheapgod40

22 March 2015

Family Rush

Family Rush.
Side Scroller.

Likes: Not novel, but varied family members as upgrades.
Joran: A fun but rather short side-scoller.  Attached is me in a re-play, after I have completed the game.
Dislike: no point in re-playing through.

link: http://jayisgames.com/games/family-rush/


09 January 2015

Markers and Models

Cars and babes.  Guns and roses.
I find it kinda distasteful to mix two unrelated subjects together.
Is this some sort of insinuation that men are lustful creatures that can be deluded into thinking that buying fast cars gets the babes?  I guess that must be right, cause it works.
I find it distasteful and offending, none the less.

So much to my displeasure that in a certain popular paintball tutorial videos, a model start showing from episode 3 onwards, in skimpy outfits, and showing nipples through her clothes.  Attractive, perhaps, but having no place in my videos.  Get out.

24 November 2014

The Last Door - Season 1 episode 4

The Last Door - Season 1 episode 4.
Point and click adventure.

Joran: Been a fan of this atmospheric story.  A group of friends dabbled in some sort of summoning, and things went very wrong.  It uses a retro-pixel graphics style and gameplay is quite accessible.  Some gripes - some episodes have sequence that are damn hard.

Like: Puzzles are quite logical for this episode.


22 June 2014


I have terribly weak thighs.
That has got to change.

27 April 2014

HOTUD shutting down, and my letter

Joran: While documenting old games for my personal database today, I came across this piece of news.

HOTUD (Feb 2014):
"Bad news everybody!

Okay so this\'ll be short, but in all likelihood, I am going to be shutting this page down. It\'s expensive (very), and I do not think it\'s needed anymore given the success of GOG.com, Abandonia, and a few others. I simply don\'thave the time to keep it up and running, nor can do I have the time to make it the kickass community that I think it needs to be. I tried to ping abandonia about taking it over, but I never got a response. if anyone else has any alternative ideas, drop me a line at admin at hotud.org and we can figure something out."

The original "Home of the Underdogs" was site that provided downloaded to Abandon-ware.  Not just that, they had great write-ups on the games - I was often moved by their writings to try them out.
When "Home of the Underdogs" closed down in Feb 2009, supporters/fans set up two sites to continue the legacy:
www.hotud.org <-- This one

My email to the admin:
"Dear Admin,
it's a sad news to hear that the site will be shutting down.
What drew me to the site of HOTU in its original incarnation (other than the downloads) was the homage paid to the various classics.  It was a delight to read passionate descriptions of the games.
Thank you for keeping HOTU alive as long as you could."

What's my point of posting this?
I don't know, something of a homage to the original HOTU, and its spiritual offspring www.hotud.org.
If some kind soul could finance the work, it'll be great.  Else one day, classic games would be placed in an emotionless alphabetical listing.
HOTUD shutting down, and my letter.