21 December 2007

Updates that I was too distracted to write about recently...

[startrek.sg 1]
[14 Dec]
Cheryl gave birth to her twins =)

It was our company's DnD at My Secret Garden. The organisers did a good job. There was a greeting party with our Mr Han and Yuan Lue in their Santa Claus and Santarini costumes, giving out door gifts. There was a booth to paint your tatoos. There was good finger food to go around.
The interior and the food disappointed me as I had high expectations. Nevertheless, we had good fun.

I then rushed off to the chalet with our Trek group. We played our own Trek bingo and watched the movie Soldier before we called it quits.

Story link here

[15 Dec]
I stayed on till midnight when I headed home. I was in danger of falling sick.

Story link here.

[16 Dec]
Finally had my long awaited gathering with Gnel, Yongchin and Wendy at Secret Recipe, Suntec. Everyone was decently happy at where they are right now.

[17-18 Dec]
Finally had to admit to myself that I'm sick =\

[19 Dec, morning]
It's my day-off; I bounced back. I also got "recalled" to office by my users..

[19 Dec, 12:30hrs] - Big5 gathering
I was early; They were late.
We had lunch at Pasta de Waraku. The food was pretty good overall and the service was prompt. It was also revealed that I'm going to have a "brother" - finally! Congrats =)

[20 Dec]
We visited Belachanbabe and her angels. They look healthy and the Wees looked pretty pleased with themselves. We had fun with her parent's WII set but scooted off when their relatives arrived. After that, we had a long chit chat session with Ah Yam and Jinlian before heading home.

Gary n Jane are tying the knot. Congratulations.

18 December 2007

The last dinosaur

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