25 November 2006

Star Trek: Of Gods And Men

Forget those old men at Paramount who think that Star Trek fans are fools who will accept any rubbish from them. This is what I'm looking forward to. It's of such quality that it can put the first six movies to shame. And it's certainly more true to Trek what they had been serving us in the last few years.

Click on the banner to go to the official website.
Click on this link to view the full trailer.

Even if you are not a fan, I recommend you take a look a look at the trailer. This fan movie continues the story in the mirror universe of Trek, where the Federation is an evil Empire.

"Mirror, Mirror" - the original story by "The Original Series"
"In A Mirror, Darkly" - a tribute to the original by the series "Enterprise"

-3 sessions, 13 days

13 November 2006

DotA noob

Purple, deny the creeps!
What's deny?
Oh, what a noob! Don't you know what deny is?

From then on, they kept picking on my play and calling me a noob, even when I played pretty fine!

Here it is, the mysterious deny - for my DotA playing friends.


12 November 2006

Are games evil?

If you wish to read an unbiased "article". You should stop now.

Firstly, some fun facts:
1. Gaming is a larger industry than movies.
2. Despite the steady growth of games, the rate of violent crimes remained the same.
3. The Sims was the best selling game of all times.
4. WOW captured 50% of the MMORPG market.
5. Professional gamers earn more in a month than you do in a year.
Some double standards:
1. There's more sex in movies where in games it often just... blank out.
2. There's more violence in movies.
3. There's more blood.
4. There's more swearing.
5. Young kids DO watch movies.

Computer games have long being regarded as a kid's pastime and give perfect ammunition for politicians hoping to score points. "Protect our kids!", they say. Meanwhile, Oscars were dished out for more and more "realistic" movies.

Ah? So it's the addiction? If I don't have games, I have books. If I don't have books, I have the TV. If I don't have TV, I can daydream. Addiction can come in any forms. If you bulldoze all the LAN shops in the country, there would still be comic shops. If you take them away, there will be the movie theatres. The shopping centres. The arcade. Even hanging out at fast-food restaurants. Can you take them all away?

Kids simply want to have fun and it can take any form. At least they are not sniffing drugs.



"Joran (not my real name), Junhan listens to you. You must tell him to concentrate on his studies and not play so many games"
I started laughing.
"Remember ah! Must tell him!", my aunt charged me.

The scions of my father's father are not a studious lot. The male grandchildren share a passion for games. Me, ranking 3rd in the line of succession, loves it. At least I have my craving for reading material to split my time. My little cousins literally wallow in computer games.

I was discussing DotA with them when my aunt came over. "Remember ah! Must talk to him!". I started laughing again. Yes it's rude in a way but not if you know what I know. It was I who passed them their first Gameboy emulator. Irked them by beating them at Little Fighter 2. Passed them GunBound while getting their modem up. If Aunt knows, I would have an earful...

When I got home, my mother asked me, "Did wu(3) sheng(3) ask you to talk to Junhan? Must tell him to study hard". Ok, ok... It's a multi-pronged attack. I'll pick a time of my choosing. But how could I? Grandparents and elder cousins are meant to spoil the young ones...

wu(3) sheng(3) - [Chinese form of addressing]
1. wu(3) - five or fifth.
2. sheng(3) - Wife of father's brother - who is relatively younger than your father.
combined: Wife of my father's brother - who ranks fifth in seniority.