04 April 2009

Launching a game; managing expectations

Launching a game; managing expectations

Someone wanted their product to be a success hit. So they do up posters, a pretty trailer or two. They even made a prelude game.

Then they disappear.

Few months later, they tell you. "Oh, the game is not completed yet. But hey, I found some time to do a new game. This helped me to get focused."

Another few months, "Oh, I'm still learning how to improve my graphics engine. From what I've learnt, I made a whole new game. Wow. Sometimes I need to make little games like this to keep me focused!"

This was 2 or 3 years back. Since XXX Prelude was made. Kinda crap to lead people on like that, don't you think?

The alpha build for XXX is now out. I'm not going to promote it. If you know what game I'm talking about; go check out their website. I warn you - it's an Alpha build. Who knows how many years he'll take to launch it.


  1. Encharta4/4/09 22:46

    what game u talking about

  2. It's a flash game. He/they have made quite well received titles in the past.

    Their games typically feature small sprites sized enemies that you can perform headshots on. Not mere stick figures, mind you.