30 March 2010


After being turned into a gun-totting cyborg, you seek your vengeance against the mad scientists..

Like: Overpowered weapons.
Dislikes: Overpowered weapons made game and bosses too easy; Boring after a while.

play: http://www.xplored.com/play/game.php?ID=22

Operation Bright Sun: Write-Up, Battle 1 & 2

Operation Bright Sun: Write-Up.

Battle 1: Skirmish
Wargh! Nuts sat out as the malaysian-side-supplier failed to bring enough markers =(

Battle 2: Skirmish
Mixed Nuts team vs Mixed Dogs team; Team Captain Chak sat out due to a shortage of markers, still...
Mixed Nuts team split into 2 forces: one core center and a right wing, consisting of Wargh! Nuts, making an ambitious right flanking move. Very quickly, the center engaged the enemy. The right wing chose to ignore the action and flanked wide. Keeping a tab on their friendly forces, the right wing reached the enemy's left flank and engaged, killed them and moved on. Moved again, killed again. Joran allegedly scored an enemy kill and a friendly kill at this point. -.-"
The right wing was laid low by a lone gal from Mixed Dogs team. Zeonic and Kongba received accurate incoming fire based on their voices alone. Zeonic called up a newbie, only to get him shot out as he reached their positions. Zeonic then made a diversion by barking a loud order to Joran to flank her. None was more surprised than Kongba when Joran compiled; Edmund - Ian's father, accompanied him. Having been the wrong end of Zeonic's sacrificial tactics one too many times, Joran took his time to approach his target, trying to determine the gal's location from her fire. Thankfully, the gal was too brutally honest and surrendered after running out of rounds.
Calling for Edmund to follow, Joran was surprised that he was missing. Hoping he could take care of himself, Joran rejoined the right wing. Soon, he overheard someone approach from the back. A terse confrontation occurred between Joran and S.A.F.T.B., at gunpoint. They then decided that they were on the same side and carried on. Then, the whistle sounded, game over!

It was later deduced that S.A.F.T.B. killed Edmund - mistaken identity!

Mixed Nuts team won?

29 March 2010


Minesweeper meets MasterMind.

play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/nerdook/cluesweeper

Plague of Altera

Plague of Altera.
Defense game.
Build-Hold-Release type.

play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/ProductivePro/plague-of-altera

28 March 2010

Friendly Fire: Blood and Gore

Friendly Fire: Blood and Gore

play: http://www.spelgrim.com/games/friendly-fire-blood-and-gore

Coverage of Operation Bright Sun on Razor.tv.

Coverage of Operation Bright Sun on Razor.tv.
Please help to rate the video, so that we get more coverage for paintball in future.
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25 March 2010

Paper Warfare

Paper Warfare.
Side scroller, shooter.

play: http://armorgames.com/play/5473/paper-warfare

Them Coconuts

Them Coconuts.
Defense game.

Likes: Cuteish; Music
Dislike: Difficulty

play: http://armorgames.com/play/5237/them-coconuts

22 March 2010



Likes: Clean controls, accessibility
Dislike: Platforming
play: http://armorgames.com/play/5480/condition

20 March 2010

Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2

Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2.
Choose your own adventure.

Joran: better production values than the original.  This game is slightly less linear.
play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/JaggedBladeSoft/dead-frontier-outbreak-2

Fujitsu Defender

Fujitsu Defender.
Defense game.

Like: Light to load
Dislikes: Hard learning curve;  Special effects turrets that kept shooting at the same target, even if it's already slowed or poisoned.
Joran: Chak completed this.  Go ask him.. -.-"

play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/Yuri86/fujitsu-defender

08 March 2010

Operation Bright Sun

Operation Bright Sun.
Wargh! Paint - Scenario Paintball.

This is a level 2 game, if you are a new or casual player interested to find out more about Scenario Paintball, come join us as we introduce to you the concepts and ease you into the gameplay.

Scenario Paintball is totally different from the usual paintball games you have played in Singapore. The Wargh!Zone is set amidst natural terrain and forest with bunkers and unlike paintball places in Singapore, there is no middle line dividing each half of the battlefield thus allowing for flanking maneuvers and ambushes along the trails. This will be the closest you will ever come to a real battlefield.

Charges per Pax - $50 inclusive of...
- Registration Fee
- Protective Mask
- Protective Vest (for ladies)
- Paintball Marker
- 500 paintballs

*Additional Paintballs
500 balls = RM75
1x box = 2000 balls = RM220

**Transportation - Kranji MRT/Bt Ramly/Kranji MRT @ $30

Those with own transport are welcomed to convoy up.

*Level 1 - Every player uses a rental mechanical marker
*Level 2 - 50-50 mix of players with rental markers and personal markers
*Level 3 - 90% of players using personal markers with higher rate of fire

link: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=332351107343

07 March 2010


Strategy - puzzle?

Likes: Turn based; Dog-fighting
Dislikes: Puzzle in disguise; Some stages annoyingly hard to get perfect

play: http://armorgames.com/play/5426/steambirds

06 March 2010

Angry Nerd

A blogger don't understand why a winning got to thrash talk to the losing team?

Big Tree Defense

Big Tree Defense.
Defense game.

Like: Upgradeable nodes
Dislikes: Sharp learning curve; silly storyline.

play: http://www.candystand.com/play/bigtree-defense

Missile Command by omgpop

Missile Command by omgpop.
Missile command, multiplayer.

play: http://onemorelevel.com/game/missile_command