31 March 2008

Paintball competition

It started innocently enough. Before I knew it, I was qualified for competitive play and we got together enough people to join the first local competition. We have Icetrap and Mack, KongBa, Tea and myself.

We got 5th place out of 7 teams and we won 3 out of 8 games. That's... very good! Our target was 1 win. *Lol

Luck played a big part in this game with the referees judging against our favour. In one game, one of the referees had tunnel vision on our guy Mack. Mack had shot out an opponent but that guy kept charging and killed him. =\

Overall, it's quite enjoyable. I hope I can sneak in more games under the disapproving eyes of my gf :p

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29 March 2008

ST interview of StarTrek costumers vs StarWars costumers

[startrek.sg 1]
Disclaimer: I usually shun uniform events.

Don't tell them! :p

28 March 2008

Guys and guns

Ok, I finally hacked into this account and I have something to say...

What is it about guys and their toys? My boyfriend recently had this fascination with paintball and I'm quite unhappy to see him end the session with bruises. What's more infuriating is that he seems quite proud to parade them!
Argh, men! Put a couple of them together and they'll start talking about their NS and how terrible their life was. And here they are paying good money to let themselves get hit! I simply cannot understand it! $50 / game for 1-2 times a week and he has the cheek to tease me about my shopping habits!

Signing off,
bewildered girl friend

[Imaginary post of what my girlfriend might blog about]

18 March 2008

Paintball interests

I got my third game last weekend and I've just completed the orientation of tournament paintball. When this list is submitted to the Police, it means that I'm clear to play without the legal requirement of a center line.
Anyone on for a recreational level game? :)

09 March 2008

2nd paintball at BottleTree Park

edit: added costs

I like this place better than CrossFire because they are less stingy with their CO2. At CrossFire, they told us if we run out of gas, we're out of the game - WTH??!! Here, they exchange the gas for you in the middle of the game, with the game marshals running in and out of the fray.

This time round, I got hit more badly than my first paintball experience as the pellets here pack a bigger punch. It's sad that they followed the legal restrictions and made us shoot at each other across a line but I think that makes it safer and accessible to more people.

costs: $50
rounds: 250