16 April 2009

What's the point?

The precedence has already been set; Division 3 players can play in SPNS.
So you want to play, play. It's not as though you are from Div 1 or Div 2.

Until there's a new ruling on who can join and how many players from a higher level league can join a single team, there's no need to run a poll in a cheap bid to get hits.


  1. Stuffed Turkey7/5/09 21:22

    Well us lesser players, especially those who cheat with hand signs, are certainly no match for these so called Div 3 players.

    If we lose, big deal its expected. And if the Div 3 player lose, my goodness, I wonder where he can stick that fat head. We will play light that day. The pressure's on them.

  2. Stuff him. He's a coward by resorting to sneaky ways to dig others.

  3. Anonymous8/5/09 00:33

    boycott lar! not happi? dun PLAY lor simple.