31 July 2008

What happened to tranquilisers? =\

Bear was shot after it wandered into populated area

30 July 2008

2 Aug Paintball game status - updated 30 July

edit1: moved Smeagol to "on" list
edit2: added Savagekilla to "on" list
edit3: moved Anna to TBC
edit4: moved Spacemonkey to TBC
edit5: removed Derek

Venue: BottleTree Park, Khatib
Time: 10.30am-1pm, don't be late!
Costs: $30-$50, expect $50
What to wear: Long sleeved clothing that you want to run and get dirty in

Who's on?
  1. Joran (me)
  2. J: Mousey
  3. J: Monkey
  4. Chak
  5. J: Boy Boy
  6. J: Boy Boy's gf
  7. J: Jackson
  8. C: Stephen
  9. C: Xiaopang
  10. J: Smeagol
  11. J: Savagekilla

  1. J: Anna
  2. J: Jackson's friend
  3. Space Monkey

p.s. Always have room for ST *grins*

29 July 2008

My new Empire jersey and ground pounder has arrived

My new Empire jersey and ground pounder has arrived!
$177.55 :p

p.s. We bought from ActionVillage

How to get to Bottle Tree Park

~~How to get to Bottle Tree Park

[By car]
Enter from the direction of Khatib camp

[On foot or taxi]
-If on foot, take a train to Khatib station, then walk as indicated.
-If by taxi, stop at the short line as indicated, the rest are dots

For more info, access the google map here

Paintball teams in Singapore

edit: corrected list to add Red Sevens; re-organised list

Q. How many active paintball teams are there in Singapore?
A. I'm gonna base this on that they are playing paintball (not necessarily in Singapore) AND has played a competitive match against another active team in Singapore.
  1. A-team
  2. Carnage
  3. Death Mavericks
  4. Hot Fuzz
  5. Kamikaze
  6. Kamikaze: Shinpu
  7. PSG Bravo
  8. PSG Charlie
  9. PSG Warfreaks
  10. Red Lords
  11. Red Lords: Red Shadow
  12. Red Sevens
  13. Team Damnation
  14. Wargh! Birds
  15. Wargh! Nuts
  16. White Death
  17. XXL
  18. Upcoming teams:
  19. MLC
  20. Red Sevens: Red Fraction

Are there going to be more?
Please notify on errors, thanks

Lucky gloves

The joke between me and Chak is,
"You wear them; you don't get hit. You don't wear them; you get hit"

Well, it's not exactly true but a shot on my knuckles is now disappearing after 2 days. The shots on my thighs are fat and angry though...

28 July 2008

No comments control

ok.. let them in, let them in...

27 July 2008

Paintball: The need for physical training

~~It started in SPNS Leg 2.

It was the last 2nd game we had. I had a run along the left flank and mutual surprise was achieved with the guy behind the coke. In my panic, I swung my marker to my right with one arm and fired off a few shots. I hit him while his shot at me deflected off my ribs. I knew I got lucky.

One arm shooting is frowned upon but it is not illegal. I resolved to start training my arm strength so that my shots would stray less in such a situation

I felt like my back couldn't support me. The problem is my back and abdominal strength. I resolved to train that up as well.

Unlike some things that I've put off - like assembling my Enterprise E model, I actually did some training on alternate dayys basis. I don't think I'm a casual player anymore, am I?

26 July 2008

Open reply & taking down of ad

~~this morning
The ticket is still there, under this very same email account that I've subscribed to your company.

No, I don't see any ads other than the default banner - how can there be when it says I have no campaign assigned to me?

As a courtesy, I'll remove this post from my personal blog and remove this post from my games blog once I've got the time to search for a stat counter - I'm not interested in ads anymore.

I've taken down my ads. If you read this, please process my deletion request in my new ticket.

Relaxing of comments control

Now supporting OpenID... Not necessary to sign in with Google anymore. Sorry for the oversight.

24 July 2008

Coming Saturday's game

Looking forward to this Saturday.
Birds & Nuts are going to have an internal training session and for once, we have a full team turnout!

btw, I made a public calendar for our team. Please supply me your google mail address and I'll add you in


TD game, from makers of Balloon Invasion

19 July 2008

Import / Export Blogs


stupid me

Paintball support

This is not intended to start a war with anyone; just my p.o.v.

1. Recruitment
This is difficult; granting that most of us have already exhausted our list of friends to corrupt. If players disappear after playing a single game, then it is a necessary evil. I first played paintball in 2006; I returned; didn't I?

2. Commitment level
Most people are not prepared to spend $200 / mth on a hobby. Sure, cars costs more but these people already have cars. Players have to balance their time for their social life as well as paintball practices often fall on the all too precious weekends.

3. Going overseas
People who buy pirated CDs are simply not prepared to pay the costs for the real deal. Even if you eradicate piracy, the sale of pirated CDs will *not* translate into sales of original CDs.
Going by that logic, going overseas for paintball is not defection. We might lose them in the short run; but we will get them back in future.

4. RD5
Teams are still in hibernation; after spending $100 + gear in the months leading up to SPNS Leg 2. RD5 means increasing that to $340 on a monthly basis while forgoing training on the 3v3 format. Teams are perhaps unsure if they wish to commit to training in a new playing format that will not be useful to them in leg 3. Please give them time.

Star Trek Intelligence

A good site containing "intelligence" among the various powers of the StarTrek Universe.

15 July 2008

Momentum Missle Mayhem 2

This has been out for a looong time. I'm just documenting it here so that I can relocate it, hee...


RD5 match 2

edit: [tone]

This is the first video footage that caught our team. Thanks, TD! T_T
I'm not visible but I can see our kills. =]
I later got bunkered by one of the Bens - can't get the story straight, not caught on film.

Gamespot Impressions: Red Alert 3


13 July 2008

RD5: 13 July 2008

edit1: corrected SGB33F's nick

[copied from King's post, but amended team's name to more accurately reflected players and reduce confusion...]
DamWargh!XXL 1 renamed as DamXXL
DamWargh!XXL 2 renamed as Wargh!XXL

Round 1

Game 1 Red Sevens vs DamXXL - Red Sevens
Game 2 Wargh!XXL vs Kamikaze - Wargh!XXL
Game 3 Red Sevens vs Wargh!XXL - Wargh!XXL
Game 4 Kamikaze vs DamXXL - DamXXL
Game 5 Red Sevens vs Kamikaze - Kamikaze
Game 6 Wargh!XXL vs DamXXL - Wargh!XXL


Round 2

Game 7 Red Sevens vs DamXXL - DamXXL
Game 8 Wargh!XXL vs Kamikaze - Wargh!XXL
Game 9 Red Sevens vs Wargh!XXL - Red Sevens
Game 10 Kamikaze vs DamXXL - DamXXL
Game 11 Red Sevens vs Kamikaze - Red Sevens
Game 12 Wargh!XXL vs DamXXL - Wargh!XXL

Wargh!XXL - 5 wins, 1 loss - 83.3%
Red Sevens - 3 wins, 3 losses - 50%
DamXXL - 3 wins, 3 losses - 50%
Kamikaze - 1 win, 5 losses - 16.6%

Special mention:
Thanks to XXL for loaning us SGB33F =)
Welcome T.D., to the "evil" world of speedball; your souls now belongs to the pball god.
Thanks to R.D. for organising RD5

11 July 2008

Game patching and game choosing

For many games on the market; there is a patch available on the very day it ships.
I view this quite negatively. You ship a product with known flaws?!

Remember "Pool of Radiance"? For some unfortunate ones, the installer wiped out their HDDs due to a programming mistake...
complaints: Another hit and run
Pool of Radiance patches (shoddy?)

Often, many bugs remain unfixed after this first critical patch. I understand it is not the fault of the developer. Publisher says ship; you ship. However, in order to punish such behaviour, I have to withhold my money from both parties.

After some time, I began to buy less from certain publishers who are known for releasing shoddy work. For a particular publisher, I avoid their games due to an annoying sequence of un-skippable ads. Clue: the slogan challenged my patience.

If sales are bad, support for the game concerned would drop. Hence, I would not rush out to buy a game the moment it is released. I would wait to see how long the company would support the game.

This however, leads to annoying taunts, "Oh, I guess you aren't a true fan..."
What the?!...

Perhaps my games buying habit reflects my movie watching habits these days. I would watch at a convenient time; not in the opening week. This however, leads to a familiar observation, "Oh, I guess you aren't a true fan..."

10 July 2008

Happy bday Mack

(see above)

FutureSports: Paintball

I found this on Wargh.net and liked it enough that I post it here :)

09 July 2008

Pball events this week

Friday - Leg 2 BBQ
Saturday - Mack's Bday BBQ
Sunday - Paintball =]

p.s. guys, I'm skipping Friday, but turning up for Saturday and Sunday. Cya.

07 July 2008

An little recap on how Wargh! Birds and Nuts came about

Mar 02 - Chak, "Hey wanna play paintball?
Mar 09 - Chak, "Hey wanna play paintball?" blog_post
  1. Chak
  2. Icetrap
  3. Joran
Mar 15 - Zeonic, "Hey wanna play paintball?" <-- Joker no book court
  1. Chak
  2. Joran
  3. KongBa
  4. Zeonic
Mar 18 - Went though Basic Tournament Orientation. blog_post
Mar 28 - GF "hacked" into blog
Mar 31 - Wargh! Nuts went into SPNS Leg 1. blog_post
  1. Icetrap
  2. KongBa
  3. Joran
  4. Mack
  5. Zeonic

Poly. Unit. Friends of Friends.
Somehow we got together.

May 08 - Birds & Nuts was formed.

RD5 league

Soon, Red Dynasty Park will start RD5. An informal league to encourage competitive play among a team of 5. Pricing will be brought down a little for us.

Though I'm keen, I'm a bit worried about the size of the field. Squeezing 5 people in 1 field is a bit hard. Also I anticipate the ball usage to shoot up.

Will it work? Let's see...

05 July 2008

Waygu Beef BBQ

edit: added name od restaurant

Had a nice dinner with Wargh! at Le Meridian Hotel - Yakinikutei Ao-Chan.
The meat was fragrant and well marbled. Worth going back.

04 July 2008

Migration done; Official "opening"

After 4 nights of copying posts by hand; I got my posts moved.

This blog is focused on games, StarTrek and Paintball. It's now officially open.