26 July 2006

Light will triumph over Darkness

[DotA: The beginning]
It was a simple practice session that snowballed into a massive match up. Our mutant, Hulk got the itchy fingers and decided to humble us mortals.

The match-up. Me, Joran, the sneaky player in training picked Kardel Sharpeye - the dwarven sniper that can kill people from afar. Woo, the retired pro, picked Aggron Stonebreaker - the Ogre Mage. Let's just say his character set things on fire. Via Spiel, our newbie in training picked Ryai - the Crystal Maiden, who specialise in freezing attacks.

Hulk chose my favourite hero killer - the dreaded Demon witch, whose stun and hex attacks are perfect setups for a team kill. On top of that, the Demon witch has a finger of death which does what its name suggests. An early game powerhouse. Fant chose Lucifer - the Doom bringer. His character is strong in melee attacks and comes with a good finishing move.

We led for the first 15 minutes, gaining levels more rapidly then they did. My longer ranged attacks forced Fant to return to base for healing many times.
Somehow, Hulk got a kill and things went downhill. Our characters were killed in turn and our shopping plans dashed.

Things got badder. I formed Snaga and Yasha - an attack enhancer and together we took down a tower on the left lane. And got killed by the evil Duo.

We probably all died like 7 times each. Strangely, they seemed to be killing our characters in sequence. Frustrated at what appeared to be a losing game, we banded together and charged along the middle lane. After several tries, we broke in, killing Hulk. We got killed afterwards. I started saving up.

Hulk and Fant went out in revenge, killing our characters whenever we tried to take the middle lane. We took the left path while they were busy defending the middle lane. We reached the final tower on the left path and were killed when they ambushed us front and back. I saved up enough for Monkey king bar - an item that can disrupt enemy spells.

We alternate between the left and right lanes. Occasionally we got killed but we made progress. Eventually, we tied down a pattern. Woo would supply the muscle; Via Spiel would freeze them when they charge; and I, who would be hiding in a corner would fire shots that stun them. We began to turn the tables.

We broke into their base in 2 places. Victory!

[Last words, uttered by Joran]
1. Morgaga is reaching home...
2. Via Spiel, these are runes...
3. Via Spiel, run!
4. Hulk is here...
5. They respawned... Woo, out!


23 July 2006

Star Trek XI will feature young Kirk and Spock

They lied.
"No... what you heard on Viacom are rumours", they said.

This will be the first Trek movie I'll boycott =(

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12 July 2006

DotA with a new character: Anti-Mage

"No Lion!" , thus decreed our student in training. So I trained a new character for our match yesterday (11 July 2006) .

The day came and we met at Bugis for dinner. We threw up some challenges. If Cheryl could kill my character twice in a single game, I would buy her a complete set of Warcraft III.

Long story short. I won the game vs the combined forces of Morgaga and Cheryl. Cheryl won herself her copy of Warcraft III.

[Forces of good]
Cheryl, kills 2
Morgaga, kills 0

[Forces of evil]
Joran, kills ??, somewhere above 36


09 July 2006

Morgaga vs Joran

Morgaga the Ghost (Won)
Kills: 1

Joran the Chaser (Lost)
Kills: 4

No fair...


06 July 2006

End of Utopia

[An online game I was playing]

1. a. often Utopia An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects.
b. A work of fiction describing a utopia.
2. An impractical, idealistic scheme for social and political reform.

Utopia is the online text based game I play. After nurturing my kingdom for more than 2 months, I'm calling a break to it.

We were attacked by a stronger kingdom and we retaliated of course.
After a few days, our monarch asked us to stop physical attacks and proceed with undercover ops, so not to escalate our kingdom relationship, which would give them the door to declaring open war. We complied.

Few days later, he asked us to stop everything as he was the focus of their attacks. "Stop everything. Our response, nothing".
I was still being attacked and wanted to retaliate but he repeated his order, "Nothing!". I tried for another clarification but he gave no reply.

I can't swallow that. Bullies ought to be shown that we can bite as well, but I can't go against his dictates. Hence, I set my estates into Vacation mode - A silent protest.

A quote I read from the papers, "People behave as badly as you allow them to. People have to take a stand and tell them so."