16 January 2006

1, 2 & 3

Wanted to clear my half day off-in-lieu and go back ex office one. There's 3 pple who were about to leave. Oh well.
p.s. The one across the street unfriendly one..
[quote="Computer Gaming Word, January 2006]
This is the portion where they post "The good, the bad and the ugly"
Blizzard is openly using spyware called The Warden to catch in-game cheaters. While most World of WarCraft mavens knew The Warden was making the rounds, one player discovered exactly what's watched, which includes e-mails, website visits and downloads. Web denizens already have a workaround: Sony's rookit DRM (aka the lame copy protection on music CDs)
This is not Blizzard's first attempt at invasion of privacy. Gamers should remember that they were logging IP address and PC information on their StarCraft Battlenet servers many years back. When confronted, they claimed that they were tracing stability, piracy issues and would stop immediately.
Golden boy of the PC gaming world that Blizzard may be, it seems to me that it is becoming the next Evil Empire. We in this country of 3 seasons may not value our privacy but those gamers in the west obviously do. Already, there's too much of our data being sold around, probably at a price that less than a piece of paper. It may be nice to change my mobile's number and screw up all their little databases..
kapo-ed a link from Kelvin's blog on Microsoft's bo-chap attitude in this article.