27 October 2006

DotA Allstars Endless Story

DotA Allstars Endless Story

For those who doesn't know what DotA is all about

24 October 2006

Winning and losing

I don't like losing but I can take it. I'll just plot for another day.
What annoyed me today was the incessant gloating. During the game, fine... standard taunting. After the game, fine. Acceptable to say, "Yes! I have beaten you!" Say it twice, thrice and a fourth time and it starts to get annoying.

I tried to be a good teacher, haven’t I? I beaten him twice and I didn't gloat about it. I won him because of superior crew and I pointed it out to him.

The night followed with some unhappy rounds of DotA.

If I win hands down, I cheat. If I lose, I get taunted to no end. I rather be a cheat and a bully then. Better yet, I’ll be a puppet. Call me if there’s a game. I won’t do the calling anymore.


22 October 2006

Gaming Saturday

I'm sick of playing on the Bnet, where players just drop when they are losing. No bb. No gg. Just drop and poof! Leave us in the lurch. Kind of like dropping the line when you dialed a wrong number. That's kind of the drawback of playing with a young crowd.

Out of stock! =(

[Company of Heroes]
Hmm, nice. Today I brought the fight to the AI, normal strength. I kind of prefer being a tank commander now than microing my squads. Tanks are invincible and I like to back them up with a platoon. With mobility comes control and you don't have to play with troops like snipers and mortar teams. Just overrun their positions!


16 October 2006

A quick update

Sorry, between a busy schedule and Jumbo fighting for access of my laptop, it's hard to get an update in.

Almost there... Muscles still abit weak but I can run now.

Got two new coruptees. Zach and Norman.


10 games so far, with La Resolucion becoming my favourite. I can't wait for my payday.



07 October 2006

Dolphin Olympics Craziness

Dolphin Olympics Craziness.

I only scored a million points and I don't get past the moon...

There's a video for 25 million points but this guy is "nicer"


03 October 2006

Turning tables, new construction and a 3 way fight

[for the events on 01 Oct]

After my near defeat at the hands of Admiral Zach(see last post), I tweaked my fleet to include La Resolucion. This time, Granada, hero of the previous night was sank while La Resolucion saved the day. This marks the first time I sank Admiral Gaga's ships rather than the other way round. It was also my sixth game.

Gaga was to meet his friend at Raffles City and we accidentally bought another 5 packs to complement our current 12 packs(Zach has 12 packs). Nothing impressive but I got a duplicated rare ship and a French captain. That unlocks a lot =)

I left Gaga and met Zach at Bedok. We settled at the void deck. Zach cried foul as I unveiled my fleet of Granada, La Resolucion and HMS Alexander. La Resolucion saved the day again!

We had a quick second game and Gaga joined us after 8pm. We ended at 10+ and went for supper.


01 October 2006

First Times

[backdated to 01 Oct, for the events on 30 Sep]

I taught Jialiang DotA in the morning.
We shopped for laptops in the afternoon.
I brought Zach to buy Pirates CCG.
I taught him to play Pirates.