28 June 2008

if u wanna try paintball..

edited and refreshed...

If u wanna plan a paintball game by urself...
Or you wanna try out paintball but do not have enough people...
Join the people at this site

Basically, they buy the 250 balls package and sell it to at u 100 balls at that package price.
so it's cheaper for pple who dun wan pay $50 for 250 balls

I'm planning a recreational game is on 2 Aug, 10am-12nn, who's keen?
Location: BottleTree Park, Khatib

27 June 2008

More SPNS leg 2 pictures

I'm in pic 15

26 June 2008

Dino Run

edit: same group as the one that made Gamma Bros, methinks.

22 June 2008

SPNS Leg 2: The day itself

We originally started in Wargh! Nuts. Now, we've split into Wargh! Birds & Nuts. I'm in Wargh! Birds.

Our starting was bad. We matched against Carnage, followed by White Death. Both games, we were killed to a man. I kena head shot for both.

From 3rd game to 6th game, we were trying to get our act together. We finally scored some kills and threw away a game or two cos we blur - but really no good excuse, other than we blur. (Can I still blame it on that web merchant? If we had gotten our jerseys earlier, I wouldn't have mistaken a foe for a friendly...)

Finally, we redeemed ourselves. 2 wins with full kills, placing us in 12th position out of 15th teams.

The final winner for SPNS Leg 2 is PSG Warfreaks. A group of Filipinos residing in Singapore who plays woodsball in the region. Congratulations.

more pictures: here

19 June 2008

Noob Calling

Earlier grumbles: http://joranAtPlay.blogspot.com/search?q=noob

I hate noob calling.
A derogatory term from an elitist.

We are all here to play.
We all started from level 0.
What gives you the right?

SPNS Leg 2 Field Layout: Valley of Tombs

Paintball gear, finally!

edited for mistake
Dye Jersey and Pants --> Proto Jersey and Pants




Finally! They're in!
No thanks to.. let's say it again! paintball-online.com, shit u!

However, since we now "downgrade" our Jerseys and Pants to Proto, instead of Empire, there's now no padding to speak off. I'll be buying a ground-pounder(padded vest) next.

Thanks to Chak for tying up loose ends.

14 June 2008

Paintball 20080614

edit: added selected photos of the day, taken by sgb33f

the scores

And what a direct shot did to my G-Shock; easily repaired; no worries.

Finally, this is our unreliable online merchant, who told us "We're shipping today", giving us the same answer for *TWO WEEKS*.
They screwed up our purchase plans and now we have to get our jerseys and pants from multiple sources.

If you cannot deliver today, say so! Don't bill us and give us empty promises day after day!
Lying isn't a crime; greed isn't a crime. Good thing the world has a thing called "memory".

Note the irony.

09 June 2008

SPNS Leg 2 Release

SPNS Leg 2 Release

Singapore’s inaugural paintball tournament, Singapore Paintball Novice Series (SPNS) 2008

“Bringing paintball closer to the community…”

SINGAPORE, 10 June 08 – Singapore’s first official paintball tournament, the Singapore Paintball Novice Series (SPNS) 2008 Leg 2 will be held on 22 June 2008 at Red Dynasty Paintball Park located in Bottle Tree Park, Yishun.

With a humble beginning of 7 participating teams in SPNS Leg 1, Leg 2 of the SPNS series will see at least 15 paintball teams battling one another, vying for the Champion title. “With a two fold increase in the number of participating teams as compared to Leg 1, there is a clear indication that paintball is picking up in Singapore” said Jane Koh, President of the Paintball Association (Singapore), PBAS and tournament director of the SPNS. She added, “With the support from the Singapore Sports Council in SPNS Leg 2, we hope that more people can be introduced to the game of paintball and recognize paintball as a sport for people of all ages.

Amongst the 15 participating teams is PSG Warfreakz Charlie, an all female team formed by a group of Filipinos who work in Singapore. This group of ladies practice paintball regularly and are definitely no pushovers during the competition.

For SPNS, teams can either choose to play in any leg or commit themselves to the entire series in which they will accumulate championship points to be crowned Grand Champion of the series. The competition will take on a 3-on-3 format where the field layout and rules are adopted from the Millennium Series, a highly popular and competitive paintball league in Europe. Prior to participating in SPNS, all participants must undergo a Basic Tournament Orientation (BTO) course which requires them to comprehend competition rules and safety regulations in the sport.

Benedict Chen, a member of the Red Sevens paintball team said “Paintball is a tactical game which helps to promote teambuilding and confidence.” The Red Seven was formed in 2006 and has been promoting paintball in Singapore and competing in regional competitions such as the World Cup Asia 2007 which was held in Malaysia.

The Singapore Paintball Novice Series 2008 is sanctioned by Paintball Association of Singapore (PBAS) and its supporting partners: Singapore Sports Council, Bottle Tree Park, Red Dynasty Paintball Park, Botak Jones, Streetballax,, MPOC, Napshot and Red Sevens Paintball Team.

*Please help us to forward this release to forums or organizations which you deem are suitable.

Paintball 20080607

-results from Chak's post

Icetrap, KongBa, Mack, SpaceMonkey are now Wargh! Nuts
Chak, Tea, myself are now Wargh! Birds

1. Welcome, SpaceMoneky into our team(s)
2. Haiz, the Birds kena thrashed ah... Need to train more.

08 June 2008

Paintball FAQ

edit1: adjusted cost of equipment downwards

[the below refers to the paintball variant: speedball, where players fight in out in a restricted field with bunkers littered around]

1. Is it expensive?
House markers (think, guns) and house masks are available "free" for your use.
We typically spend $50 per session to purchase our pellets.
If you want to invest in protective clothing, it might cost you between $100-$500. If not, you can use the equipment provided by the management.

2. Is it painful?
Imagine someone "piak" you with their fingers as hard as they can. Now multiply that force by x5 for a long range shot. x10 for an average shot.
At competition levels, players are allowed to run past the safety line. This allows opponents the chance to get real close. The pain could be as high as x20 for a point-blank shot. Relax however, that the damage is only superficial, limited to broken skin and a "little volcano" bruise at its worst.
Protective clothing can limit these bruises by a huge factor; other than looking cool.

3. Safety (Center) line?
Under PBAS regulation, the center of the paintball fields must be separated by a safety line; No one is allowed to cross it, so opposing teams can only shoot at each other from their half of the field. The center line is waived for competitive paintball.

4. Is it dangerous?
Damage is limited to small, localised bruises. Nothing could be permanently damaged. However, the eye is more fragile and is vulnerable. Paintball games place a serious emphasis on mask protection. In the event that someone's mask falls off (or taken out), the game is stopped immediately and the person is driven off from the field.
Speedball is a non-contact sports; no physical contact is allowed. So serious injuries are usually the result of recklessness and stupidity - like diving, sliding, jumping.
If someone is very malicious, a shot at the back of the head, at point-blank range might cause unconsciousness. I doubt the marshals would take kindly to such an act.

5. How do I join the local paintball scene?
Please visit the forums at http://www.weplaypaintball.com/forum/
You can find me there as Joran.


07 June 2008

Dungeon Defender


walkthrough here

Force = mA

edit1: corrected by ST
edit2: added new comparisons

[units needed]
mass --> kg
acceleration --> m/(s^2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acceleration

1. Being hit by Superman at escape velocity
m = 120 kg
Velocity = Mach 9
A = 2970 m/(s^2))
F = 1,058,508,000 N

2. Force of a passenger hitting windscreen/seat in a car accident
m = 60 kg
Velocity = 80 kph
A = 22.22 m/(s^2))
F = 29,624 N

3. Force of a assault rifle round
m = 3.95-5.18 g (0.00395-0.00518 kg)
Muzzle Velocity = 990 m/s
A = 772–930 m/(s^2) -- apparently, energy is lost. so the Force for the paintball pellet should be lower
F = 2,354 - 4,480 N

4. Force of a 9mm handgun round
m = 7.5-9.5 g (0.0075-0.0095 kg)
Muzzle Velocity = 300-360 m/s
A = 300-360 m/(s^2) -- assuming no energy loss for simple calculation
F = 675 - 1,231 N

5. Force of a paintball pellet
m = 3 g? (0.003 kg)
Muzzle Velocity = 90 m/s
A = 90 m/(s^2) -- assuming no energy loss for simple calculation
F = 24.3 N

a. It's easier to dodge a speeding car
b. Belt up!

edit: [courtesy of ST]
force needed to propel a paintball pellet