27 February 2012

Kyrandia (and other DOS games) on Android

Excerpt: After the game downloads to your PC, unzip the files to a temporary folder somewhere and connect your Android device via USB. The next step is to create a folder on your phone/tablet (I called mine "Kyrandia") and copy the game's files from your computer into it. You can then disconnect the phone/tablet from the PC.

read more: http://alaric.ws/comments.asp?record=1256

18 February 2012

Dinosaurs And Meteors

Dinosaurs And Meteors
Defense game.

Joran: How long can you hold out against extinction?

Like: Simplicty

12 February 2012

Vulcan Language Dictionary

Vulcan Language Dictionary.
One of the best compiled list of Vulcan names and words you can find on the net.
When the translators failed, you'll have to go to this dictionary: http://www.starbase-10.de/vld/

Dif-tor heh smusma

Creative Assembly, you suck at polish

Creative Assembly, you suck at polish

In future, please do not:
1. Mandate an internet connection for game play
2. Fail to give a proper failure message when the above is not met.

Letting your customers troubleshoot the problem, and re-installing the game, only to find out that the game cannot be played in Single-Player mode, is not going to earn you points.

Mission in Space - The Lost Colony

Mission in Space - The Lost Colony.
Turn based squad tactical game.

Likes: well made, good tutorial
Dislike: Infinite aliens

Joran: the best flash based squad game I've play so far, as compared to XenoSquad.
Darn, I should have checked out Kongregate for this game before I pumped in 2 hrs of my time.  I collect their medals, you see

as at 12 Jan 2012,
play with v1.38: http://armorgames.com/play/12884/mission-in-space-the-lost-colony
play with v1.367 (but with kongregate medals): http://www.kongregate.com/games/StormAlligator/mission-in-space-the-lost-colony