30 October 2008

23 Nov, Sun, Recreational Paintball Game, --> changed to 6 Dec, Sat

see updated post: http://joranatplay.blogspot.com/2008/11/6-dec-sat-paintball-game-previously-23.html

I'm tagging along a fellow paintballer (Serotonin) in the community for his recreational game. Is there any takers?
place: Red Dynasty, Bottle Tree Park
date: 23 Nov, Sunday
time: 12-3pm, please *be there* at 11.30am for briefing
costs: $50 pax
aim: hopefully, the experienced players can guide the new ones

please email/msn or leave a comment here if you're interested

29 October 2008

Why I love paintball...

Why I love paintball... or painball, or bruiseball, or any other unflattering names

I love the idea of Counter-Strike or Call of Duty, where one wins by being strategically smart. Or more realistically, I would like to play SWAT, which features room by room clearing and requires instant situational judgment.

All the mental and physical agility needed to juggle a keyboard and a mouse is beyond me.  Even if I manage it, I would get a terrible headache.

Paintball is fast; Paintball is scary.

I can "kill" strangers without getting nightmares.  I can play badly without someone calling me noob in the face.  I do not have to content with kids with no game ethics.  I can improve my fitness and see results in my game.

I wish to clarify that inflicting pain upon others is not my goal and joy.  If it is possible to play painless Paintball, I'm all for it - since it can bring more people in.  The resulting bruise is but an unfortunate by-product of the speed a paintball requires.  You wouldn't want to play a game where the balls have a range of 5m, do you?  Anyway, for those who are bothered with the bruises, they can always look for clothing with extra protection.

On top of personal satisfaction of guys' need to "win", Paintball is a team ball.  Individual skills can go only that far.  Having a good team is a reward by itself.

28 October 2008

BTO on 30th Nov, Sunday (Almost Fully Booked)

edit1: date confirmed as 30th Nov, Sunday
edit2: info: currently the BTO looks like it's fully booked. Please check the forums for the next session.

Another round of BTO, anyone interested to play competitive paintball, please read up.

What is BTO? http://joranatplay.blogspot.com/2008/08/paintball-how-to-get-certified-to-play.html

26 October 2008

MPOC Leg 5, Div 4 update 2

from: http://www.weplaypaintball.com/forum/index.php?topic=468.60;topicseen

Latest updates on the showings of Singapore teams:

Div 3
Red Sevens - Round 2 (10th after Round 1)
ExsequorX ATROX - Round 1 (17th after Round 1)

Div 4
PSG Warfreakz - 2nd position for Div 4 (1st after Round 1)
Red Dynasty - 4th position for Div 4 (6th after Round 1)
Damnation Wargh! - 2nd Round (8th after Round 1)

Congratulations to PSG Warfreakz on an excellent showing.

MPOC Leg 5, Div 4 update

Div 4 - A new division in Malaysia that allows and provide for mechanical rental markers.  Div 1~3 require teams to have their own markers.

Seems like Damnation/Wargh! made it into the quarter finals, as reported on TD's blog.  As at yesterday, Chak reported getting shot on the neck. Will sms Chak later on their results.

25 October 2008

TOS Animated Series -AUD$19.97


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Attention International Customers
This title will incur a $18.00 shipping & insurance charge in addition to the international price

23 October 2008

Look out, Mr Johnson

You are a pink ghost out to protect Mr Johnson.

STAR-Trek. A night walk along the Southern Ridges

[startrek.sg 1]

Fellow Trekkers,
would like to propose taking an evening hike along the Southern Ridges, from Hort's Park to Mount Faber. The ending point is chosen for the convenient for all to have:
1. dinner
2. transport home

Please vote on your preferred date. As time is short, I will follow the decision of the majority. I am free on either days but prefers Saturday.

No fence sitters please. Even if you are ok with both dates. Please choose a date, thanks

Feel free to bring along your friends or better halves. This is a leisure hike but the participant should be able to negotiate steps and slopes. As a rough gauge, if you can walk 10km on flat ground without pains, you should be able to traverse this path.


Possible Dates:
8 Nov (Sat)
9 Nov (Sun)

Meeting place:
Hort's Park

Time to meet:

Start Point:
Hort's Park

End Point:
Mount Faber - Harbour Front Center

End Time:



SPNS Leg 3: Wargh! Nuts's matches

2 Oct, Sunday.

This is the write-up for my team - Wargh! Nuts, on their games in SPNS Leg 3.
Apologies for lacking detail towards the end as we were too tired and one game simply melted into another. It didn't help that I couldn't have the points for the qualifying rounds to help me work out how many men we lost.

This write-up is for record-sake as well as sharing with friends. It is not my intention to gloat at other teams. If you wish to contest any part of this post, please do send me a mail or a comment. Anonymous posts will not be entertained, thank you.

Although this post has received the inputs of my team; this is a personal "project". It is my own view and in no way reflect the views of my team - Wargh! Nuts.

1. Red Fraction
make-up: Chak, Joran, Zeonic
Our opponents: 2 went left; 1 went right.
We shot the right guy (SpaceMonkey), followed by the guy in the Coke behind the Snake. There was one lady left in the snake (Mad Devil).

"Flank him!"

Zeonic suppressed her from the front. Joran came from the side. Chak was already running for the flag.
We shot her out, giving us our first win. Won.

MP:3, ED:3

2. Hot Fuzz
make-up: Joran, Chak, KongBa
We shot everyone out except for a guy in the right. Chak and Joran went to the deaths, uncoordinated. KongBa guessed the correct direction of attack but got shot out. Lost.

MP:0, ED:-1

3. Team Damnation 2
make-up: Joran, KongBa, Zeonic
Both sides play defensively. KongBa was covering Grant. Joran was doing nothing effective from the Temple.
At the last minute, Joran went up to the Car Wash but was too far ahead of KongBa to cover; got shot out. Drew.
"I could only cover you up to the Dorito and the edge of the CarWash. No more than that.."
MP:1, ED:-1

4. PSG Bravo
makeup: Chak, KongBa, Zeonic
Chak and KongBa were left standing against a lone PSG Bravo player. "Our Dorito!", shouted Chak. KongBa got shot; Chak avenged him.

MP:3, ED:1?

5. Contract Killers
make-up: Chak, Joran, KongBa
KongBa was on the right can but he had problems with his marker; allowing one of them to move up to the CarWash unopposed. The game quickly collapsed. Lost.
MP:0, ED:-3

6. 20th Legion
make-up: Joran, Chak, Zeonic
"This is make or break, guys. We must win this one!"
Chak or Zeonic shot out one guy. Joran went for the CarWash, possibly shooting out someone. Fire from Sg3eef forced Joran to duck in. As he charged up to bunker Joran, the marshal called Joran out so that he was spared and Sg3eef held his fire. Zeonic was shot out at this point and Sg3eef held his position at the CarWash. The stage was now between Sg3eef and Chak.
KongBa on the outside was wondering why Sg3eef never came up to shoot Chak. Sg3eef's trigger had actually fell apart and he was making a show of being bored - waiting for Chak to make his move. Chak did not dare to advance as he couldn't figure out what his opponent was up to.
Finally, Sg3eef got bored and threw some paintballs by hand at Chak. That led to a short but comical chase scene between them. Won.
MP:3. ED:1

7. Kamikaze
make-up: Joran, KongBa, Zeonic
KongBa took left; Joran center; Zeonic right. Both sides held their ground.
Joran saw one of the marshal raising his hands and assumed it meant that time is short. He called for KongBa to cover him and dashed for the CarWash. Calling for cover again, he ran up to the opponents' Dorito and realised his mistake - there was already someone there.
Panicking under fire, he called for his team to move out. There was a short duel and the opponent behind the Dorito was shot out. Nothing more was being done as time went out. Drew.
MP:1, ED:1

8. Run Away Gunners
makeup: Chak, KongBa, Zeonic

MP:3, ED:3?

9. PSG Bravo
make-up: Chak, Joran, KongBa?
We took one out somehow. Left CarWash and Snake.
Joran shot snake and got bunkered.
Chak then shot the last guy. Won.
MP:3, ED:2

10. PSG Bravo
make-up: Joran, KongBa, Zeonic?
No one can recall anything at this stage... Lost.
MP:0, ED:?

11. PSG Bravo
make-up: Joran, KongBa, Chak?
Kongba on the 20s tomb left
Chak on the right
Joran went up to opponents Dorito, realised ammo low -.-"
Last Bravo guy tried to bunker Joran but was repelled by Chak / KongBa?
Joran ran back to Snake position to pod up but the game was won by his backmen. Won.
MP:3, ED:3

12. Carnage
make-up: Chak, Raymond, Zeonic
Kongba out on the break
Chak right Dorito side
Zeonic Snake side
Zeonic crossed out 1
Chak moved to Dorito then tried to bunker tom but failed
While Chak was running up, Zeonic ran up Snake side and bunkered both
Zeonic got the flag. However, he was found to have been shot on the gas pipe and was called 1 for 1. Lost.
MP:0, ED:-1

13. Carnage
make-up: Joran, KongBa, Zeonic
Zeonic claimed he sat out.
Chak claimed he sat out.
ST supposedly told Chak that we lost.
Cannot recall anything. Lost.
MP:0, ED:?

14. Team Damnation 1
make-up: Joran, Raymond, Zeonic.

15. Team Damnation 1
make-up: Chak, Raymond, Zeonic

16. Team Damnation 1
make-up: Chak, Raymond, Zeonic

21 October 2008

Rapid Wars: still playing

Got a bit bored so continued to play this...
Pixelated shooter http://joranatplay.blogspot.com/2008/09/rapid-wars.html

16 October 2008

Neo Tower Defense

Neo Tower Defense
by Justin Nelson
Neo Tower Defence is a tower defence game loosely based off the space sim Allegiance. It features a wide variety of towers and support buildings along with a complex research system.
Typical Defence game but the upgrades make things interesting -joran

15 October 2008

Things learnt from SPNS Leg 3

Things learnt from SPNS Leg 3
  1. When in a 3:1 advantage; move together!
  2. When shooting, do not stick your marker way out
  3. When sticking your marker way out, do not let yourself be caught on film
  4. Micro-sleeping is BAD; sleep early for the big game
  5. Pod up before bunkering; save yourself and your opponent un-necessary stress
  6. Trust yourself. When it's time to act, act.

14 October 2008

SPNS Leg 3: "We got 4th!"

2 Oct, Sunday.

We started the day with a win, a loss and a draw. That got things rolling.

By match 5, we had 2 wins, 2 draws and a loss. We bought 2 bags of paint and made it a point to play our games like we are going to be kicked out of the qualifying round.

Lunch was soon over and our games resumed in earnest. We were joined by ST. =)

By match 7, we had 4 wins, 2 draws and a loss. We're in the Quarter Finals! We bought another 2 bags of paint.

--from this point forward, all games are played with the format of best of 3, for a win--

We were ranked 6th from the qualifying matches. This places us against 3rd place - PSG Warfreaks Bravo. We received donations of leftover paint from team XXL. We won the first match; they won the second. Luckily we won the third match to seal the game and secure our slot for the Semi Finals. We bought another bag of paint.

We're now matched against 2nd place Carnage. We lost 2 games straight. We got more donations of paint from Warfreakz (Alpha) and Warfreaks (Bravo).

Now fighting for the 3rd and 4th placing, we were matched against Team Damnation 1. The final score was 2:1. We lost and got 4th place.

The final champions are:
1. Carnage
2. Mid Life Crusaders
3. Team Dammnation 1

Nobody ever remembers the 4th place but we are happy. Thank you to the various teams for their donations and encouragement. See you next year.





My compilation (taken from above sources)

From 200810_spns3


Article: PSG Warfreakz crowned paintball champions

PSG Warfreakz crowned paintball champions

10 October 2008

SPNS Leg 3 (12 October 2008) Announcement

from: http://www.weplaypaintball.com/forum/index.php?topic=357.75;topicseen

Singapore Paintball Novice Series 2008
Grand Champions of inaugural tournament to be crowned on Sunday

SINGAPORE, 8 October 08 – The overall champions of Singapore’s inaugural paintball tournament will be crowned after the 3rd leg of the Singapore Paintball Novice Series (SPNS) 2008 on 12 October at the Red Dynasty Paintball Park in Yishun.

“It will be history in the making as we will be crowning the first overall champion for the Singapore Paintball Novice Series,” said Jane Koh, President of the Paintball Association Singapore (PBAS).

“This is an exciting time for paintball in Singapore as the participation for the tournament over the three legs has been very encouraging. We hope that the success of the SPNS will encourage more people to consider playing paintball as a competitive sport,” she added.

The first and second legs of SPNS 2008 were held in March and June this year. Teams are allowed to play in any leg or commit themselves to the entire series to accumulate championship points to be crowned Grand Champion of the series.

The competition will be played on a 3-on-3 format with each team comprising of three first team players and two reserve players. The field layout and rules are based on the Millennium Series, a highly popular and competitive pan-European paintball league.

The PBAS have invited Mr Junaidi Kalil, President of the Malaysia Paintball Marshalls and Head of Rules and Regulations for the Paintball Asia League Series to officiate the final leg of the SPNS as Head Marshal. Mr Junaidi began officiating in 2003 and was the first Asian to officiate at the Millennium Series during the Paris World Cup 2005.

The Singapore Paintball Novice Series 2008 is sanctioned by Paintball Association of Singapore (PBAS) and supported by the Singapore Sports Council, Bottle Tree Park, Red Dynasty Paintball Park, Squad Skinz, Aspire Crystal, Streetballax, Napshot and Red Sevens Paintball Team.

For more information on the SPNS and tournament paintball in Singapore, please visit http://www.weplaypaintball.com/SPNS.html.

SPNS Leg 3 field layout

Exited =]

09 October 2008

Tippmann: Customise your X7

Customisable Paintball Marker - Customise your Tippmann X7

Upgrade-able to a E-marker, using E-Grip. Capable to 20 bps.

For those that have to play with mech markers or don't like to use batteries; there's a mechanical grip for rapid fire, up to 15 bps.

If one day I strike a lottery..

08 October 2008

Mastermind: WC

Conquest/Dungeon-Keeper type game
Plot to destroy the world

Chess: overloading

In chess, one of the tactics is to overload the demands on a defender, compromising its abilities.


demo / try out

02 October 2008

SPNS Leg 3: Information



Walk the field - 11 October 2008 (sat, 4.00 pm - 6.00 pm)

Captain's briefing and draw lots - 11 October 08 (sat, 6.00 pm), please be punctual.

Event Day- 12 October 08 (8.00 am)


Dodge your own bullets