30 April 2007

Badminton on Sat

It was nice to play again after so long.
Worth the aches :p

28 April 2007

I survived 20 days and 20 nights

Enjoy http://www.freeworldgroup.com/games6/gameindex/the-last-stand.htm
I also found a secret weapon :D

The screenshot is abit dark as I hit the printscreen key too late :(

22 April 2007

Belated bday for Gaga

The seven of us are finally together after some time. We had a slow lazy BBQ which was interrupted at the latter half when a monkey came along. After an hour of standoff, it was almost comical for the monkey to be distracted by an ice cube. It enjoyed it so much that he took it up the tree to suck on it.

We cleared up and headed to another spot to play Munckin. We backstabbed each other for 2 hours before Roger joined us. We then took another hour triple-stabbing each other before we let Ah yam win...

Finally, we ended our day at a restaurant with not-so-nice dumplings. The ending highlight of the night was, "Do you know the price of your wife's ring should be 2.5 times your salary?"

Official site: Munckin Bites

11 April 2007

Uncharted waters 2

Uncharted waters 2.
I was obsessed with this old game for the last few weeks. It's a trading game, a RPG game and a political game rolled into one.

I am Joao Franco, son of Duke Franco of Portugal. At the age of 18, my father gave a ship and his right hand man and ordered me to discover the secrets of Atlantis. After 6 years, I'm now a Duke by my king's grace and have circled the world twice. As a reward for helping Ali reunite with his sister, he has set me on the right path. I now have to raise a mighty fleet to defend the descendants of Atlantis from the Turks.
Cast away!

07 April 2007

April 7, 2063

The Vulcans landed, bringing a new age to Earth.
Happy First Contact Day!