30 April 2012

Kingdom Rush: Twin Rivers - Iron Challenge

Kingdom Rush: Twin Rivers - Iron Challenge
This stage drove me a bit crazy till I found this video =)

video: http://youtu.be/1NgE8JFXEiM

Demo video of Magic Candle and resources

Demo video of Magic Candle and resources
RPG game.
Past post: For the love of gaming

video: http://youtu.be/fjbV7F8fiwg

Resource site: http://thelorekeeper.com/LorekeeperMCRefs.html

Demo videos of Starflight (MegaDrive)

Demo videos of Starflight (MegaDrive)
Space exploration.
Related: Starflight (pc)

video: http://youtu.be/RgbkOrZc42k

25 April 2012

Man O' War: Ships

Man O' War: Ships.

Joran: Just liked the subject - ships.  =)
Picture courtesy of Calgar

Read about the tabletop game: Man O'War

Picture courtesy of Calgar

23 April 2012

Clash of Kingdoms

Clash of Kingdoms.
Browser: Strategy game.

Joran: Call me a sucker, but I'd like to play this

site 1: http://ck.koramgame.com/

site 2: http://clash-of-kingdoms.browsergamez.com/
site 3: http://www.dotmmo.com/clash-of-kingdoms-184.html

20 April 2012

Necrorun 2.0

Necrorun 2.0.
Side scrolling action game.
From makers of: The humans are dead

Likes: Graphics; controls; simplicity

Dislikes: Too little upgrades; too difficult for platform handicapped player like myself

play: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/593957

19 April 2012

Nostaglia: Kannons and Katapults

Nostaglia: Kannons and Katapults.

Suddenly had a nostalgic craving to play this old door game again.  You play vs King Computer, and you had to balance your troops, Kannons and Katapults.  Draft one soldier too many, and you have problem with income.  Focus on Katapults and you risk putting all your eggs in one basket.
How I wish I can play this without logging on to a BBS... =(

example of a site: http://gargoyleslanding.com/games.asp?game=knk

Six Game Design Crimes on Trial

Six Game Design Crimes on Trial
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the world of video games is rife with crime -- and I'm not talking about virtual decapitations in Mortal Kombat, or the countless murders of the Grand Theft Auto series. The misdeeds in question are those committed on the design level; crimes where the player ends up being the victim. We've gathered an identity parade of recent games guilty of committing various degrees of injustice, and equated them to what we believe are their real-world crime equivalents.

read more: http://www.1up.com/features/six-game-design-crimes-on-trial

Betrayal At Krondor: Resource

Betrayal At Krondor: Resource

link: https://notendur.hi.is/eybjorn/krondor/krondor.html

for android hackers, you might want to read this: http://joranatplay.blogspot.com/2012/02/kyrandia-and-other-dos-games-on-android.html

DHTML Lemmings

DHTML Lemmings.
A remake of Lemmings! in JavaScript.  Enjoy.

play: http://www.elizium.nu/scripts/lemmings/

14 April 2012

Baldur’s Gate updates coming soon

Baldur’s Gate updates coming soon.
source: http://www.avault.com/news/baldurs-gate-updates-coming/
The classic BioWare RPG series Baldur’s Gate will soon be getting a facelift, thanks to Beamdog Studios. Both Baldur’s Gate games will be released as PC-exclusive Enhanced Editions, complete with the expansion packs. While there will be new content and the graphics are getting a touch-up, Beamdog is reminding everyone that the more things change, the more they stay the same. BGEE will be 2D-isometric, they’ll use the original AD&D second-edition rule set, contain all the original music and voice acting files, and even run on a beefed up version of the original Infinity engine. Not only will you be able to import saves between the enhanced editions, but they’ll also support the original saves. Expect an enhanced trip through the Forgotten Realms later this summer.

09 April 2012


Hotel Management game.

Like: Information feedback
Dislikes: Flawed server/cleaner implementation; the lift is a bottleneck; flawed goals.

Joran: I'm quite mixed on this.  On one hand, I want to like it.  On the other, dislike it.
The pro side is information.  The game gives you enough info to play it well.  You know which kinds of customers are unhappy and you can modify your setup to suit them better.  Seldom does games give this kind of info.  This is a thumbs up.

The other things to be happy about is the tutorial and the story mode.  Both are very engaging.
The bad stuffs are many.  The maintenance crew are stuck on level 1, and they take an awfully long time to get anywhere.  Since it's likely my cheaper rooms are at the lower levels and my VIPs are at the top levels, this does not make a good placement.  Then despite staffing my service department with the maximum complement of 4, I do not seem to serve my customers fast enough.  All the food requests come at once, then my staff will make a line for their rooms from level 1 to whatever floor my customers are at.  By the time they return, many orders would have been cancelled.  You would say that the smart solution is to swap the order around and place the VIPs on the lower levels?  That is one expensive restructuring, that I do not wish to take.

The other complaints are: a lift that cannot be upgraded; a sense that the story is incomplete; and flawed goals.  In one of the objective, I am to achieve 4-stars satisfaction for all my customers.  That was a pain till I adopt the strategy of getting as little customers as possible, then run my hotel for many days till luck give me what I want.  That is bad.

Still, it's a welcome distraction if you have a day to spare.

play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/mapacible/innkeeper


Turret Defense game.

Dislike: Too short
play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/mapacible/stranded

That's it?

Zombie Exodus; I am posting your link - not

Zombie Exodus; I am posting your link - not.
Interactive Fiction.

A zombie IF.  Well written for most parts  but left the story incomplete without fore-warning.  Acceptable but leaves a bad taste in the mouth.  Part 3 requires moola and a smartphone, while part 4 was in development; both a serious turn-off.
After some reading, I decided that this game does not deserve to be posted.

Here's an excellent review for those who are interested: http://www.ministryofpeace.com/if-review/reviews/20120309.html

Make a Better Game – Limit the Player

Make a Better Game – Limit the Player


You go to the grocery store because a friend asked you to pick up some flour for a recipe. Now, this happens to be a very unique grocery store with forty varieties of flour to pick from. You find yourself rattled standing before this Great Wall of Ground Wheat Product… What should I pick? Does it even matter? My friend wants to bake some cookies, is there a special kind of flour for that? Before fully succumbing to a panic attack, you race for the nearest emergency exit and make your escape.
Your next destination is a much more typical grocery store, and this time around you find but three different kinds of flour: all-purpose, bread and cake. You think about your options for a few seconds, but it’s pretty clear that cookies are neither bread nor cake, so you quickly settle on the all-purpose flour and return from your shopping trip flush with victory.
While this story is a bit silly, the obvious lesson is that contrary to what you’d expect,presenting someone with a huge number of options does not give them more ‘freedom’ –  in fact all it does is overwhelm them. This has long been a tenet of good interface design. There’s a bit of a ‘rule’ which states that a user’s attention should be split between no more than seven items. The human brain is equipped to weigh only a handful of possibilities simultaneously. I’m sure at some point all of you have opened up some random website that had waaaay too much going on. And you probably weren’t thinking, “oh boy, I can’t wait to dig into all of this, where should I start!” Once someone passes that invisible threshold the end result is nearly always frustration.
Full article here: http://jonshaferondesign.com/2012/04/03/make-a-better-game-limit-the-player/

04 April 2012

A Brief Comparison of Federation and Empire

A Brief Comparison of Federation (Star Trek) and Empire (Star Wars).

A fair comparison of the 2 series: http://www.st-v-sw.net/BoB/bobSTSWcompare.html
Its main site: http://www.st-v-sw.net/STSWhi2.html

Lead to this site by: http://martianoutpost.com/2007/12/ultimate-battle-uss-enterprise-vs-a-star-destroyer-%E2%80%93-battle-of-the-ships/

Star Trek Enterprise: Battle of Azati Prime

Star Trek Enterprise: Battle of Azati Prime

video: http://youtu.be/bSpT4_cJeAo

From Alpha Memory:
Facing four Xindi ships, Enterprise was severely outgunned and outnumbered. With the Xindi's superior technology, the first few shots easily penetrated Enterprise's hull plating, leaving the hull exposed to Xindi weapons fire. Despite being outgunned, Enterprise's weapons fire managed to destroy one of the attacking Reptilian ships, before it began to sustain heavy damage. Enterprise's limited defensive capabilities led to its systems becoming exposed, as the Xindi targeted crucial systems, including weapons, communications and propulsion. Defenseless, Enterprise came perilously close to destruction, when the attack abruptly halted. Degra, with the backing of the Council, had ordered Dolim to withdraw.

George Takei says don't expect any more Star Trek: TOS cameos

George Takei says don't expect any more Star Trek: TOS cameos

I thought it was a terrific movie. It really had pace, and rhythm and action, and it had to be done with a younger cast. All of that running in the corridor, I can't imagine Bill Shatner running.
Leonard (Nimoy) made a cameo in the first one, and I thought they would include the still-living one of us in the subsequent ones, but I think they made a policy decision they're going to try to get away from that confusion, and the story track of bringing an old ancient Spock back.
So they don't have any cameos for any of us in the next one, and from what I understand, should there be another J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie (beyond the one currently being filmed), it will be without any of us.

Full article here: http://blastr.com/2012/04/george-takei-all-the-next.php

When you come across a legend in the forums...

When you come across a legend in the forums...

Joran: Forummers were reminiscing on a old board game called Tobruk.  It was a highly detailed game but the units were tediously slow to move.

Joran: That's a "Wow", for fans.
Another forummer called Michael a bootlicker, and they bickered a little.  This might have gotten them both banned.

Forum link here: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=46989&page=3

Keyword: Illusion of movement

Post that guided me to this forum: http://flashofsteel.com/index.php/2011/08/22/04-07-1942-2136-convoy-is-to-scatter/


Blog label maintenance

Added some tags; filed some under old tags; added some photos; marked a post under brokenLinks.
Don't tell my wife I stayed up all night doing these. :p

Randomness: Blight or Bane?

Randomness: Blight or Bane?
Written by Costik.


In general, we tend to think of randomness in games as a bad thing.

Our sense of fiero or accomplishment at winning a game depends on the feeling that we have, in some sense, mastered it, and either that we out-played our opponents, or at least, in a soloplay game, overcame the challenges it posed by dint of hard work and skill. If, instead, we feel that we just got lucky -- or, worse, that someone else won even though we were obviously the smarter player, because they just got lucky -- we're likely to think less of the game.

But clearly many, many games have some random elements, and some are highly luck-dependent, and yet people continue to play them. What really is the role of randomness in games, and how can designers work to harness it to beneficial effect?

Read the full article here: http://playthisthing.com/randomness-blight-or-bane

02 April 2012

The Book of Living Magic

The Book of Living Magic.
Point and click adventure.

Likes: Easy, logical puzzles.  Good, witty narratives that makes references to many pop literature.

play: http://jayisgames.com/games/the-book-of-living-magic/

Learn to Fly 2

Learn to Fly 2.
A launcher game that should distract you for 2 days.

play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/light_bringer777/learn-to-fly-2?tab=achievements

Unity of Command: supply lines follow movement rules

Joran: I had wanted to play something with realistic supply lines, yet the current implementations are too chunky.  This seems just right and I'm quite tempted to buy the game.
In the below example, the Germans (in grey) are supplied by the railroad.  The Russians broke through the lines and occupied part of the railroad.  The Germans south of the railroad then becomes unsupported.

read the review on Quater-To-Threehttp://www.quartertothree.com/fp/2012/03/29/unity-of-command-supply-goes-awry/#more-14318

01 April 2012

Warhammer 40k: Bjorn the fell-handed

Warhammer 40k: Bjorn the fell-handed

Google Maps 8-bit for NES, and Google Map's new Quest button

Video here: http://youtu.be/rznYifPHxDg

and Google Map's quest button effect