28 April 2013

RIP 1Up.Com

RIP 1Up.Com


The corporate version:
Today, Ziff-Davis announced that as part of a restructuring of its new property IGN Entertainment, three of IGN's smaller secondary sites -- namely, 1UP.com, Gamespy.com, and UGO.com -- would be "winding down." As is often the case with such reorganizations, some of 1UP's staff was laid off while others will be moving over to work as contributors at IGN.com. No timeline was given for 1UP's closure or if its servers would continue to run indefinitely.


27 April 2013

StarTrek.SG: A page from the past

StarTrek.SG: A page from the past
[startrek.sg 1]

Doing some blog maintenance, in preparation for a write-up.
Here's a page from the past.

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20 April 2013

Galaxy Siege

Galaxy Siege.
Bottom-up scroller.

Like: Ship design; grabbing arms
Grabbing arms become obsolete;
once critical size is reached, there is no need to maneuver;
there's no need to invest in fuel tanks to last the whole run, as you can complete the map in stages;
winning the final boss is a matter of finding the right build;
no tactical value in placement of soft components.

Joran: Such a pity.  3 stars.
play: http://jayisgames.com/games/galaxy-siege/

1. Recommended starting layout; spread your grabbing arms as wide as possible.

2. Grabbing arms are cute

3. Spinning out of control cos my ship is out of fuel.  No matter, I can still fight!

4. My final combination.  Get the 2nd best weapon (aka 3-way cannon), with lots of damage enhancers.  Skip the best weapon (aka 3-way missile).


14 April 2013

Metacritic Matters: How Review Scores Hurt Video Games

Metacritic Matters: How Review Scores Hurt Video Games.
Joran: A well thought and researched article.

Perhaps it’s in our nature to make numbers out of everything. And it’s hard to deny that Metacritic is a useful tool for measuring how a small group of people felt about a game at one particular point. But it’s not a useful tool for much else. There are too many variables, too many people trying to manipulate the system. There’s too much subjectivity in the review process for anyone to treat it like an objective measure of quality. Video games are designed to be personal experiences, and it is disingenuous for publishers to act like review scores are any more than the quantification of those personal experiences. It’s harmful to everyone. Everyone.

read more: http://kotaku.com/metacritic-matters-how-review-scores-hurt-video-games-472462218

10 April 2013

Star Trek Phase 2: "Enemy: Starfleet!" - Episode 4x06

Star Trek Phase 2: "Enemy: Starfleet!" - Episode 4x06.
Fan-made Star Trek episode.

Joran: A faithful production, with good acting and effects.  Worth a watch.

video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-ncYhAlbAw

Full episode listing: http://www.startreknewvoyages.com/?category_name=episodes&orderby=title&order=desc