21 October 2007

Star Trek Continuity Errors

11 October 2007

The Visitor


06 October 2007

Red Cross + Star Trek Sg Blood Donation Recruitment Drive

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[adjusted Nova's number of donations from 14 to 40]

I have been avoiding blood donations whenever James asked me; I cannot stand the thought of a broad needle breaking into my veins. I am supportive of the idea but you would have to put me on gas and coma for 2 days so that when I wake up, I am none the worse for it.

For nothing better to do, I offered myself as a helper. We offered our costumers to take photos for them and we would print it out as a gift to them - as a token of appreciation. This comes out from James's pockets, a price he's willing to pay for the promotion of the club.

When approached, most people are wary of the weirdos in Star Wars uniforms (not!). Half of them were probably swayed by the fact that "it's free!". Nevertheless, they were pretty on when preparing for the shot, posing with props and all. In all, we printed about 50 photos, using up 1 box of refills and 1 ink cartridge.

After we closed down the photo taking counter, Nova and Dr EMH (aka James) then took their turn to be blood donors. Nova is a regular with 40 past donations; Dr EMH has 3. The staff attending us recognised them and was a very friendly person. It was an eye-opener, witnessing the procedure of blood taking. Restrict the blood; Disinfect; Penetrate (Eeks!); Take blood samples; Drain. It was over in a few minutes.

Once the bleeding stopped, an armband was tied around the elbow. We said goodbye to the staff and went to the recreation room given to us to change and rest. After that, we had the famous steam fish head from Outram Market. Mission completed.