29 July 2012

Shougun Total War 2: Guides

Shougun Total War 2: Guides.

1. Guide to guides: http://forums.totalwar.com/showthread.php/8404-Guide-to-the-Guides-(Total-War-Shogun-2)

2. Settling up a river defense: http://forums.totalwar.com/showthread.php/12320-Video-Commentary-Walkthrough-using-tactics-and-natural-features

3. Naval unit guide: http://forums.totalwar.com/showthread.php/17990-Multiplayer-Naval-Unit-amp-Battle-Guide

4. Land unit guide: http://forums.totalwar.com/showthread.php/14992-The-Ultimate-Shogun-2-Land-Unit-Guide

5. Economy guide: http://forums.totalwar.com/showthread.php/11396-Dark-Side-s-Economy-Guide-for-Shogun-2
Money wins everything.

6. Edmon's Guide to Ashigaru Delivery: http://forums.totalwar.com/showthread.php/14974-Edmon-s-Guide-to-Ashigaru-Delivery-Strategies
How to win with the lowest tier units.  Interesting read.

7. Guide to diplomacy: http://forums.totalwar.com/showthread.php/14974-Edmon-s-Guide-to-Ashigaru-Delivery-Strategies

8. Game guide by IGN: http://guides.ign.com/guides/76283/page_5.html
Not very detailed, but convenient to read for newcomers.

9. Game guide by egoflux0: http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/997383-total-war-shogun-2/faqs/62261


24 July 2012

Zombotron 2

Zombotron 2.

Joran: more destructible terrain!
Though it's more of the same, it's still as fun.
Too bad about the hero from Zombotron 1 though...

play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/AntKarlov/zombotron-2

09 July 2012

Empires of Arkeia

Empires of Arkeia.
Build-hold-go strategy game.

Likes: upgrades; diversity
Dislike: grinding

play: http://jayisgames.com/games/empires-of-arkeia/

01 July 2012

Creative Assembly and Steam

Creative Assembly and Steam.

I got impatient and got the game (Shogun Total War 2).
Perhaps I need to seriously consider my love-hate relationship with CA.  Partnering with Steam makes installation a pain.  The only way to install the game is via a download of 26 GB.  Are you serious?!
Luckily, there are some workarounds.

1) Load and Log in to Steam 
2) Click on Library and then right click on the game -> Delete Local Content
3) Insert the CD into your disc drive
4) Exit Steam, then go to Start -> Run -- and type: "C:Program FilesSteamSteam.exe" -install E:

source: http://www.shogun2.org/community/index.php?site=forum_topic&topic=43

Running Warrior

Running Warrior.
Side-scrolling platformer.

Like: Cute
Dislike: Disappointed that it's a clone of 300 miles to Pigsland, coming from fliptic.

play: http://www.fliptic.com/runningwarrior.html

Zombie At The Gates

Zombie At The Gates.
Defense game.

Like: Paper art.
Dislike: Flanking zombies.

play: http://jayisgames.com/games/zombie-at-the-gates/

Warbears: general intro

Warbears: general intro.
I played this many years ago but was not in the habit of blogging the games I played then.
The bears are cute and the puzzles interesting.
Warning: not easy.

official site: http://www.warbears.com/

The Return of Tom vs. Bruce (official page)

The Return of Tom vs. Bruce (official page).

link: http://www.tomvsbruce.com/

Stay tuned...