10 April 2009

Just because it's a friendly game doesn't mean cheating is fine

Just because it's a friendly game doesn't mean cheating is fine.
edit1: number of witnesses

Last year, I took part in an unofficial paintball league. It was basically a no frills ranked match where teams just come together and see who tops the table.

In one particular match, one of the player (let's call him Arse) had been shot out and was in the dead man's box. Only one of their team member was left. Very soon, a speedy member of their opponent (let's call him Flash) came to bunker their last guy (let's call him Survivor). Everyone present thought that Survivor was being killed. In a show of sportsmanship, Flash held his fire while Survivor was being checked; the marshal declared Survivor out of the game.

Survivor challenged the marshal - that he wasn't shot. The marshal agreed and let him play on. Meanwhile, Flash was holding the flag and was running towards his home base. Arse came out of the dead man's box and pointed at Flash, "Shoot him! Shoot him!". Survivor obeyed and quickly ran after an oblivious Flash, firing. Luckily, no shots landed and Flash hanged the flag.

There were many mistakes in this incident.
1. Survivor shouldn't have challenged the marshal. The marshal's decision is final; only to be challenged after the game.
2. The marshal should not have reversed his decision on the spot.
3. Arse should not have came out of the dead man's box - failure to stay inside the dead man's box.
4. Arse should not have shouted instructions since he was killed - dead man talking.
5. Arse shouldn't have asked Survivor to chase after Flash; since Flash has spared Survivor from overshooting. Flash could have easily given Survivor extra shots to make sure that he was out. It was a show of sportsmanship and Arse, as a senior to Survivor, should not have abused it.

There were many witnesses to this event. The marshals and the teams present should have made up at least 24 (excluding Arse - there were 5 teams) people. So there's no need to email me in private to ask about it; just ask the older teams around and you'll know who he is. If any of his teammates wishes to confirm his identity; I can tell them straight and not wriggle out of an answer. I did not go around their backs and told *everyone* except them, that their guy cheated and their team are cheats. Please don't ask me; ask the other 23 witnesses. They'll verify that they are first hand witnesses.

When someone desperately wants to know an answer because their reputations are at stake, witholding that answer is downright mean. What's so hard about giving that?

Anyway, back to topic. Perhaps I'm being too stiff neck but cheating should be not be condoned at all times, whether it is a friendly game or not. Since Arse, like it or not, is a senior of the community, newbies like us would look at him and think that his actions are acceptable. Discipline and integrity should be established at all times, even in recreational games.


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