28 February 2007


[Joran is my gaming nick, as mentioned]

--in the midst of DotA
Mom: Want to eat dinner?
[Joran dies...]
Joran: Mother! Not now!
Mom: You don't eat, I'll be keeping!
Joran: Then keep!
Mom: Can't you pause?
Joran: Noooo!
Mom: You don't eat, I'll be keeping!

Dad: Want to eat dinner?
Joran: ...
Dad: About to keep dinner.
Joran: Then keep!
Dad: Want to eat dinner?
[Joran dies...]
Joran: ...

Like break-ups, lies would work better.
Joran: No, I have eaten.
But then, I'm a bit dumb.

16 February 2007

Eyes on me

Squall - A promising cadet of SeeD
Rinoa - A beautiful lady and a secret member of the Forest Owls

Many years ago, a singer and a fighter fell in love with each other. Julia composed "Eyes on me" and dedicated it to that soldier. Neither of them admitted their love to each other and they went on with their seperate lives. The soldier sired Squall and the singer gave birth to Rinoa.

[Full events of dance - without Faye Wong's singing]

[mtv - sang by Faye Wong]

12 February 2007

Faith of the heart: Star Trek Enterprise Opening Song

I know, I know. Nobody likes Trek...

"Enterprise" is the latest series to carry the torch. Like many others, I was surprised by the switch to a song instead of a tune. By the fourth verse, I was won over.

"It's been a long time, getting from there to here.
It's been a long time and my time is finally here."

This perfectly rounds it up how humanity discarded their violent ways and embraced spaceflight as one united race. Yes, the creator had an unrealistic dream - a peaceful human race. But that's what dreaming is all about, isn't it?

If you pay attention to the video, you'll note several historical milestones. Made possible by dreamers.