29 March 2006


I met with a lady today and was amazed at how much she has changed.
Check her out here Tomb Raider: Legend


28 March 2006


Here's a feature article on Baldur's Gate: Shadows Of Amm,
one of my favourite CRPGs
You've Stolen My Soul!

This is my favourite space RPG.
Star Control 2

And lastly..
Myth: The Fallen Lords


11 March 2006


Trans-America (4/5 stars)
My day at work as at 10 Mar (0/5 stars)
My stiffed neck colleague from dunno what company (-1/5 stars)
My lunch (5/5 stars)
My first try at House of the Dead 4 (1/5 stars)
How I cleared my work today (4/5 stars)
-- I'm humble :p
Atmosphere at the new Crystal Jade Korean resturant at centerpoint (3.5/5 stars)
Bday gal's dress (4/5 stars)


01 March 2006

Games and sweat

As my brother was slow in supplying me the password to GuildWars, I indulged in an old vice - "Battle Of Middle Earth" with the new play balance patch 1.03
Once again, I'm trampling orcs and Uruk-Hais under the hoofs of my cavalry.
Once I climbed to rank #200 within the community, it also cost me something of value too. Oh well..
This new patch will remove alot of cheats and exploits as well as the lamest playing style of all. Yippee!

I'm getting some exercise.. Not enough still. Looking for more jogging partners ;)