09 April 2009

Team makan session - Big D's Grill

Team makan session - Big D's Grill.

Yummy. Pretty good quality meat for lower than restuarant prices.
Crabmeat linginie - $14?
Kurobuta Pork loin - $28.
US Waygu Ribeye - $48.
Full-Blood-Waygu? - $90

I had long read about Kurobuta Pork and long wished to try it. The marbling is supposed to be good and the best Kurobuta Pork can cost more than the best Kobe beef. So trying out the meat was a must on my agenda.

I shared the pork loin and ribeye with KongBa. While the pork is better than the usual fare; when I bit into a thick chunk of fats, it tasted just like - fats. Zeonic commented snidely by the side, "Pork is just pork. No matter how good it is, it's still Pork".

The ribeye was decently good. Certainly better than some ribeye I paid for at Robertson Walk. I was pretty happy with it till Zeonic offered a cut of his Full-Blood-Waygu; the texture of it simply blew everyone away.

When I sliced it, it felt like I'm cutting soft fats, not meat. When I put it into my mouth, it was like eating Waygu Beef ice-cream. Yummy.

Ok ok, so I'm an ignorant fool who has not seen the world. So what?

Overall, another successful and enjoyable makan session =]


  1. Anonymous9/4/09 15:17

    Woah Big D's grill. Tried it not long after they moved to their place near Holland V. The fish and chips is pretty good and the lasagna is zomg thick and cheesy, full of Italian sausages. The pastas are very good as well. Check out their non-western items as well.