30 September 2008

Soviet Silo Defense

Base defense

27 September 2008

Sporty people are nice people

I have always thought that. That they are friendly and sociable, born from the desire to be outdoors and have fun.

-disclaimer: this covers badminton, paintball and other physical games I play.

Experiences over recent years have soured this view a bit.
-Noob calling - old bone of content.
-Elitist - pros don't want to play with you.
-Unsporting - One example, I had a relatively inexperienced badminton partner. An opponent kept making drop shots in front of her, knowing that she can't cover it 99% of the time. Since it's apparent, why does he keep scoring that way? Is winning 21-0 that way, that gratifying?

Winning a game requires us to take advantage of an opponent's weakness. Doing things that your opponent have no defense against, repeatedly in a recreational game, sucks!
-It's like making a smash hit at a newbie player in badminton.
-Serving a spin to a rookie table tennis player.
-Or using Zeus to zap opponents to death in DOTA's -wtf mode, as the abilities have no cool down delays.

Recently, there was a spate in the local blogs in one of the sports I play. I chose to keep my nose out of it. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a blog in another country laughing at us. Aren't they sportsmen as well?

Generally, I can still say the outdoor type is still a nice breed. However, there are bad sheeps everywhere.

Facebook - crazy taxi link

Crazy book game - Crazy Taxi link

25 September 2008

StarFlight (pc)

Some links I found




Star Trek TNG Enterprise D Ship - By Art Asylum, coming dec 2008

Enterprise D model, with Saucer seperation, coming Dec, 2008.
Nice thing about it is that the Saucer and the Star drive section will be held by magnets.  No more pin joints!

Sales pitch: http://diamondselecttoys.com/store.asp?p=category.asp%3FCategoryID%3D335

Magnets holding saucer need to be in center and NOT on the sides.   Is there going to be a problem with the button on the saucer?   Seems to make the saucer fall off…   Will magnets be strong enough to hold a button push or should we use the button on the back of the ship as the main button?

When the saucer section is separated, the saucer section will automatically sound the following phrase “emergencysaucersepREV”+”Undocking Saucer Noise”
For exclusive version, when saucer is separated only “Undocking Saucer Noise” will activate. All other functions remain the same.

http://www.artasylum.com/blog/2009/04/enterprise-nc1701-d-the-only-way-to-explore-the-universe/ (updated on 20120404)


21 September 2008

ST:The Experience In Vegas Closed Down

Joran: Came across this

Hers some sad news I only went to it once in my lifetime but after 10 years they shut it down it will be missed by all Star Trek fans and kids at heart alike.Here is the story from CNN.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (AP) -- After a decade at the final frontier, Star Trek: The Experience is going where no Las Vegas Strip attraction wants to go.

With a decommissioning ceremony -- as befits any great vessel -- the exhibit and its replica of the starship Enterprise are closing Monday.

Thousands of trekkies are "beaming up" from across the United Federation of Planets, er, the United States and around the world one last time, according to exhibit spokesman Chad Boutte.

Some seek a final encounter with the Borg, the television show's race of organic robot aliens who tell everyone "resistance is futile." Others just want to share a farewell drink -- likely a stiff Warp Core Breach, with 10 ounces of rum -- with fellow fans at the attraction's restaurant.

Employees dressed as aliens discuss the minutiae of their worlds' mythologies with visitors who learn, in typically circular trekkie logic, that the exhibit is a "time station" for transporting researchers and equipment between the 21st and 24th centuries.

For $49.99, fans can enjoy two virtual rides and the Museum of the Future, with costumes, "phasers" and Mr. Spock's coffin. More than 3 million people have come through since the Experience opened in 1998.

In the end, the frontier the USS Enterprise couldn't breach was earthly: The attraction's owner, Cedar Fair Entertainment Co., and the Las Vegas Hilton, its landlord, couldn't agree on a new lease. They worked as a typical landlord and retail tenant, with Cedar Fair keeping all revenue from the attraction, said hotel spokesman Ira David Sternberg.

Trekkies are incensed. They've scrawled reminiscences about the exhibit on the walls inside, and they're calling Cedar Fair and the hotel to complain. But their online rumor that the space the exhibit occupies will become a theater for pop star Michael Jackson is unfounded, Sternberg said. He said nothing's decided.

Karen and Eric Klein, from Easton, Pennsylvania, had planned to renew their wedding vows at the Experience on their 10th anniversary but came this week instead, four years early.

A Federation captain told them during the ceremony on the bridge of the Enterprise that the energy between them created their love.

"He had his own schtick, and it was very beautiful, and it actually made the moment even that much better," said Eric Klein, 39, still holding his wife's hand outside the gift shop. "It wasn't simply being on the bridge, it really felt very emotional."

Star Trek The Tour' Is Now 'Star Trek The Exhibition


15 September 2008

Blood lust

Pellets pounding on my bunker. I peeked out. Someone moved. I fired.
I ducked. I peeked out. Someone moved. I shot.
Who's that? I don't know.

I took me a while to get this under control. In the thick of action, my opponents blur into targets. I do not aim for people; I aim at targets. This is too much adrenaline taking over and not very good in the overall tactics.

Newbies shoot at everything that moves. That includes marshals, birds (yes, birds) and irritated "dead" players who were just trying to make their way back to the starting frame.

To shift away from this; I simply hide. Hold my fire and peek around. Who's that? Their snake guy? Their leader? Both are prime targets. Call out their positions and get your back guys to pin them down.

Thus slowly, I see my targets.

14 Sep Recreational Paintball game - the actual day

The biggest turnout ever, thanks to everyone.

+happy part - everyone had fun, I hope
-unhappy part - triggers were a bit too "happy". I get 3-4 shots as I'm dead, with my hands on my head
-caused a little stir - firing after ceasefire. Got pple complaining about it...

Why this is such a big hoo-ha?
After ceasefire, things are supposed to be *safe*. Gates are open and guards are down. For all the safety precautions that make paintball safe; these lapses are how accidents happen. Even though no malicious intent was there, but the sound of a marker going off just set off everyone's nerves. Please don't ever do that.

A - garang team
B - sniper team
C - old + young team

  1. Joran (myself)
  2. Jackson
  3. Jackson: fren1
  4. Johana
  5. Savagekilla
  6. Savagekilla: Brian
  7. Savagekilla: Brian: gf
  8. Savagekilla: Bernard
  9. Savagekilla: Justin
  10. Kit Chan
  11. Kit Chan: Fren1
  12. Kit Chan: Fren2
  13. Aoxiang
  14. Ah Yam
  15. Butters


14 September 2008

14 sep Recreational Paintball game namelist - r4

9 sep: updated
11 sep: updated
14 sep: updated

"On" list
  1. Joran (myself)
  2. Jackson
  3. Jackson: fren1
  4. Derek
  5. Derek: fren1
  6. Derek: fren2
  7. Smeagol
  8. Johana
  9. Savagekilla
  10. Savagekilla: Brian
  11. Savagekilla: Brian: gf
  12. Savagekilla: Bernard
  13. Savagekilla: Justin
  14. Kit Chan
  15. Kit Chan: Fren
  16. Aoxiang
  17. Ah Yam
  18. Butters

Consider list
  1. Morgaga
  2. Eric

Start "reporting" now..
Venue: BottleTree Park, Khatib
Time: 4.30pm to 7pm
  • Gathering time: 4.15pm
  • Briefing: 4.30pm. Compulsory for new players; don't be late!
  • End time: 7pm

Costs: $50 pax

Useful links


13 September 2008


Pixelated platform game.
If you like those games that need precise thrusts from your rockets..

10 September 2008

09 September 2008

Paintball 20080907

Wargh! Nuts decided to kick up their training for SPNS. In a show of confidence, everyone "anything"-ed it to Joran, yours truely. In an equally democratic gesture, I picked 2 dates: 7 Sept and 27 Sept.

We managed to invite R7 and A.S.S. - this time formed by members of Hot Fuzz, ExsequorX, Kamikaze.

In one of the game vs Red Sevens, Zeonic sent me to die again. He saw that I was rectifying my marker (gun) and he told me to charge. I did and went for the snake, shot Jane out. Later, it was revealed that he intended to sacrifice me as a distraction while he runs up. If that guy does it ONE more time.. or rather, the THIRD time, he'll get it. Grrr...

We had 4 more games with A.S.S. and that gave us.. Wow! 8 games in all! Expanding only 250 rounds. Happy =)

Thank you to all for the games.

07 September 2008

My paintball forum avatar

kongba designed an avatar for each of us..

kongba (artist, copyright 2008): joran.....i see u as a brain thinking freak.............wakakakakak

03 September 2008

01 September 2008

Rapid Wars

edit: fixed broken links
note: jayisgames.com requires IE to launch games. So Firefox users should switch to IE emulation. I recommend the plugin IE Tabs.

Colourful shooter; Read the review

Official site: http://www.oopixel.com/

Click here to play: http://www.oopixel.com/rapidwars/