14 January 2007

Cool looking game: Samurai Champloo


10 January 2007

MC day

Felt the onset coming so took "preventive" medical leave, hee.
For entertainment, I played Railroads and was rewarded with cycling dreams of congested rail switch ways, argh!
I have nothing serious. Just a sore throat, possible cold and a lot of "heat".

09 January 2007

What's the big deal with Settlers - the board game?

1. It is currently one of the hottest selling board game I know
2. It gave Settlers' Cafe, her name
3. It can be played with one hand, if need be
4. It is one of the few games where you trade with people who stole from you
5. All in my group has liked it so far

05 January 2007

"The Cage"

Thirteen years before James T. Kirk takes command of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Captain Christopher Pike and his starship crew receive a distress signal from the planet Talos IV and beam down to investigate. Tracking the beacon, the landing party discovers crash survivors from a missing scientific expedition; among the survivors is a beautiful human female, Vina...-Star Trek: The Original Series

"The Cage" is an indoor soccer venue located near Kallang stadium. Our group from Mars and Saturn went there yesterday. I estimate the arena to be 6m x 15m. Our spectators were LaLa, Huiying, Cecila, Lihong and Serena.
At kick off, everyone went for the ball - Brazilian style. We lost our wind barely 5 min into play. By the 15th minute, the first to bow out for substitution was our team lead - Big Satan. I longed for my chance as fresh legs were brought into this fierce 5 x 5 match. By the fourth substitution, I took up the role of Goal keeper and gave a perfectly abysmal showing. I had a decent save, got a nice bruise on the joint of my little finger and let in 3 goals. When Debugger arrived, I was glad for the chance to escape.
I chatted with the girls and tried to be invisible as people swapped in and out. Think I smoked out for about 45 min before I played for the final 30 min. The team compositions have changed but Eric and Kelvin remained my opponents. A pattern has already set in and our side had 2 good strikers that did all the work while the rest of tried to act the part.

Today, Eric and Big Satan came in complaining about aches. I had a nice collection of bruises to show. Pat wanted to make it a monthly event. The next booking was set to be on 15th Jan.
I think I need some armour pieces...

03 January 2007

2007 first post

I bet everyone have a "first post", so here it goes.

Last year was the most complain-some year I had on work. I gave up a cosy position and stepped out into a world where I had to fend for myself. The pay difference isn't such a big deal, only an additional $50/mth. I do wonder if I made the right choice as my old employer would have given me the chance to learn configuration if I had stayed on. In the outside world, NOBODY wants to give you a chance. "You got no experience", they say. "I am willing to learn! I am willing to take a pay-cut!", I offered to cold stone faces. But if a secure job is what I am looking for, then this is the right move.

In gaming, my money found new outlets. Arcade centres collected $100 in MarioKart Racing alone. The Pirates! game cost me about $130 in cards and accessories. PC games purchases fell to $100 (Purchase of Cheryl's copy does not count) - the lowest ever since the age of 22.

The outdoor yearning got a bit of satisfaction last year with night cycling, snorkelling, hiking, water rafting and sneaking past dogs. I don't think I wish to conquer my fear of jellies, it can stay, thank you.

Luck wise I have been pretty fine. No handphone losses, no serious heartbreaks, little backstabbing... Only piece of back luck was the sprain, which I must be the slowest healing person on record.

2007.. the continuing story