29 April 2006

captivating story & toys galore

[startrek.sg 1]
Accidentally sat through 3 hours of a hongkong serial today...
Betrayals and ties of blood; A much better theme than rivaries and revenge, don't you think?

Had a busy day once I tore myself away from the tv. Went out with some guys to toy shops around the city and had teochew porridge as lunch =)


24 April 2006

Moving up

I finally performed the role I'm supposed to be paid for and for 2 hours, I wasn't an overpaid programmer ;)
Still... I'm pretty daunted at what I have to do.

Mario Kart Arcade GP
gave me a special rank of Nocturnal Racer today. No prize for guessing what that means.


23 April 2006

For the love of gaming

Joran is a hopeless addict, that much is known. I can blame it on genes; Cousins on both sides drown in computer games and only a single scholar among them - a cute young lady troubled by pimples and suitors ;) The boys share a dream to earn money in the gaming industry (not to be confused for gambling). I can't find enough heart to blow up their dreams so I share my creative juices with them.

From the moment I coded my first game in 1990 with the venerable BASIC language, I have desired to write games for free. I would put it under freeware and let it circulate the world via Bulletin Board Systems. People would wonder at the secret identity of the writer who goes by Midgard.
In the 90s, Midgard was my gaming persona while Joran was my nick in the BBS world.

Years later, I have restored the Magic Candle; sent Irenicus to hell; saved Earth in Operation Moongate but am no closer to making my first public release game. My programming skills are not up to scratch and I simply enjoy playing them more then making them. If I ever do one by solo effort, I would still launch it for free.
This posting was provoked by reading a letter in this month’s issue of CGW.


MarioKart Arcade GP

I finally found it guys. FAQ here.

An hour of searching and only this 1 link. Google have its faults too...


got to stop...

Gunmaster 2

Got to stop playing this...


22 April 2006


Gunmaster 2


16 April 2006

"Captain! We are all going to die!"

[startrek.sg 1]
[what your crewman would shout before your watery death in the game SeaWolf]
edit-2013: Added interview photo

I popped by the local StarTrek fan club, thinking that I'll be watching a recording of an interview of trek fans. I didn't know that today is the day which they were going to do it.

I'm so dead. Please don't buy any papers for the next few days.




12 April 2006


As many know, I play Earth: 2025 (click on the link for a Wikipedia write-up) on a daily basis. It is simply a management game where you forge alliances and attack each other. Or you can be totally pacifist and play the market. Only a week ago, I made a large paper profit, if you could recall.
However, when stakes are high and the end of the competition is in sight, the server tends to go down for hours at a time. It is my pet theory that some players are in the habit of launching DOS (Denial of Service) attacks on the game servers. Such an attack cost me 150 million in lost sales yesterday.
Another notch in a day gone bad.


02 April 2006

All Good Things

Title of the last episode in Star Trek: The Next Generation

I woke up at 8am (1 Apr), to my annoyance. I have racked up a huge sleep debt and my muscles were aching. Read the papers and started my games.

In my game of Earth, I had a paper gain of 30~50 million as the price of oil went up to $97 / barrel. I think I'll hold on to it for a while as I'm currently having too much cash on hand.
In Guild Wars, I formed a party with some strangers and they got killed off except me. I was the one who resurrected them all and gained a level in the process *happy*.
In Gunbound, I had a string of luck as my team was undefeated in a series of very close games. I even had the chance to play Ice - a cute mammoth.
I wanted to play more, but I had to stop.

I was to meet my secondary school classmates at Moon River, a cafe beside Capitol. When I arrived at 8.06pm, I was surprised to see only Jamie there. After Shanheng and Doreen arrived, we decided to change the location to Chijmes. We messaged the others and made our way there. Joanne called me and was worried that she cannot gain entrance as her current state of dress was "very casual". I told her it doesn't matter.
At Doreen's recommendation, we picked Bobby's, which was famous for its ribs. At about 9pm, Qingqing and Shihan arrived. Most of us ordered the Ribeye steak. Price at $26.50, I thought it tasted better than the other ribeye steaks I had. My complaint was that their degree of cooking was inconsistent. We talked, Joanne arrived (dressed better than any of us in her casual state) and Clayton informed us via a text message that he would skip dinner and join us for drinks.
We drove to Wine Network, hidden in an unlit area that sells furniture and drinks. Clayton completed his flying lessons by telling us in a message that he will meet us another day (He was the instigator of this gathering). The white we wanted was not available so we settled for another. They cheese platter was ordered despite my dissuasion.
When it came, they didn't like it and guess who cleared most of it? The white we had was Saxonburg Chardonnay 2004 and I think I became a convert that night. I hated white previously as they were sour and bitter to my taste. This was sweet(fruity) and not dry. We ended it at 1am with promises to meet the following week.

-1 Apr