25 June 2012

Operation Wipeout: We're into the quarter finals (I hope)

Operation Wipeout: We're into the quarter finals (I hope).

Based on wins, we're into the quarter-finals.  Though we still need to await confirmation via email.

On another note, I only played 3 games.  Why am I so frickin tired?

24 June 2012


Defense game.

Like: Twist - decide when to spring the ambush
Dislikes: High attrition of troops; grinding required

play: http://armorgames.com/play/12981/ambush

Tank 2012

Tank 2012.
Action game.

Likes: Easy at the start

play: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/593321

21 June 2012

Drawing the anticipation to a crash

Drawing the anticipation to a crash.

To developers.
When you say that your game is coming, make it happen.  Else, give a deadline we can understand, like 2 years.  Don't announce the imminent arrival and leave us hanging for months, and sometimes, years.

You know who you are: ironhide; lostvectors

16 June 2012

Joran hardly comes out at night anymore

Been feeling tired, and found it hard to make the transformation.
I must find that formula.

pic source: http://nishantart.blogspot.sg/

11 June 2012

Badminton: A safe sport?

Badminton: A safe sport?

Taxi Driver: So you play badminton?  You must be a very good player?  I used to play too.
Joran: No I'm not, I'm just a casual player.
Taxi Driver: Aiyah, since you're playing, you must be a good player.
Taxi Driver: Badminton is a very safe sport.
Joran: I think badminton is a high injury sport.
Taxi Driver: If you are playing it correctly, you won't get injured.

I have mentioned in the past that badminton had in the past caused me some of my most severe injuries.  Granted that they were caused by my own recklessness, I still attributed it to the sport.  As my level of physical activity goes down, each session is usually accompanied by aches.  I can ignore DOMS, but those on the joints are a warning signal to me that I should take more care.
Perhaps the taxi driver and his generation could shrug off the effects of such excretions easily.  Not for us perhaps.  We were not battle hardened from street fights, nor a life of rough play.

picture source: http://flickrhivemind.net/Tags/kampong,soccer/Interesting

Nuts is going to play in Velocity Operation Wipeout

Nuts is going to play in Velocity Operation Wipeout.

Not having high hopes here since we seem a bit cursed,
but it's nice to play with the team again =)

We're going to play in the open category 3v3 format.  Players are: Chak, Joran (myself), Kongba, and Zeonic.

04 June 2012

Tom Vs Bruce: Pledged

Tom Vs Bruce: Pledged.

Joran: Yippie!

link: http://kck.st/Kq5FIT

03 June 2012


Platformer.  Puzzle.

Likes: Easy jumps?  Atmospheric.  Location-sensitive stance; incorporating the story into the stages
Dislike: nothing yet; to be updated.  edit1: Ok, I don't like how death forces me to restart, though there's an option to skip the level.

Joran: I hope the jumping sequence is not too hard, for I like the game for the story - it sucked me in.

play: http://jayisgames.com/games/sequester/

 Story built into the stage

Little brother looking down at the clue

$36 SGD pledge to Tom vs Bruce project?

$36 SGD pledge to Tom vs Bruce project?

Joran: Dear, may I?...

02 June 2012

The return of Tom vs. Bruce

The return of Tom vs. Bruce.

I was fortunate enough to get to write about games collaboratively with Bruce Geryk for many years in Computer Gaming World. The series was called Tom vs. Bruce. It started out as a way for me and a buddy to do strategy guides together, but it turned into something else entirely. You can find out a lot about a game from listening to one guy talk or write. But what about two guys, turning their experience with a game into a story?

read more: http://www.quartertothree.com/fp/2012/05/29/the-return-of-tom-vs-bruce/

picture source: http://www.star-control.com/community/viewtopic.php?t=552

01 June 2012

Removal of Hambo

Removal of Hambo...
from my Android phone.

"To the developers, you do realise that not everyone has a burning need to play your game 24 hrs a day?
So why is it that your game keeps resurfacing in my task manager despite being repeatedly killed?
What was your game trying to do?
For this dubious action and drain on my phone's resources, I have removed it.  I don't trust you."