10 April 2009

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - match write up 3/3

edit1: correct Dark Militia's ranking


[background] We're now fighting for the 3rd / 4th placing. From now on, each challenge will be played in best-of-3 format.[/background]

Set: Nuts vs Dark Militia

Round 12

From our perspective..
Chak on the left.
Mack middle center
Houdini the one who dived to the front
Tea on the right

Result: Draw

Round 13
Chak sat out?
Sorry, left this too long, forgot =x
Result: Win

Round 14
Chak sat out?

Sorry, left this too long, forgot =x
Result: Loss

Final results:
Team Dark Militia won on elimination difference and they clinched 3rd place. Congrats =]

p.s. If anyone can help to recall the game sequence; please drop me a note. thanks.


  1. Bro,

    First match i remember DM had two survivors, Nuts players were all eliminated. Rashid hung the flag but got called out for playing on due to not realising hes been hit.

    Second match u guys won, cannot remember how.

    Third match i ran up all the way from the back left (from my side) to bunker your last guy (think is Chak?) on the head. All DM players alive.

  2. Btw on the first match Rashid got called out 1 for 1 for playing on so it was a tie.

  3. hee.. thanks.
    if i get more cross verifications, I'll post up the details in a new post (delete this one)

  4. DM got 3rd not 4th :) and yea i sat out the last 2 games