28 August 2012

Tomb Raider: Crossroads: Trailer

Tomb Raider: Crossroads: Trailer.

video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol_-QGlwRqc&feature=player_embedded

Joran: Apparently, after a controversy brewed upon the attempted rape scene, the developers shyed away and call it something else.  That loses my respect for Crystal Dynamics altogether.

There's a nice opinion piece here that you may want to read: http://www.knickledger.com/2012/06/new-tomb-raider-laras-controversial-attempted-rape-scene-makes-for-significant-empowering-moment/

27 August 2012

Tom vs. Bruce Update #19

Tom vs. Bruce Update #19.

Since the content of the update was sent privately to backers, I shall not share it except for this photo showing the stack of postcards.
Frankly, I'm quite disappointed that it's taking so long.
While the postcards will be greatly appreciated, what I want are the articles, to be out, *now*.

26 August 2012

Slept 16 hours...

Slept 16 hours...

I slept 10 hrs last night,
then 6 more hrs in the PM.

If I sleep anymore, I think I'll puke.
I think I can play UFO: Alien Invasion for a very long time tonight ;)

08 August 2012

UFO: After something

UFO: After something.
Successor to XCom: Enemy Unknown.
previously: http://joranatplay.blogspot.sg/2009/09/x-com-ufo-defense-remember-this-old.html

Was reading this up on Gamespot.
Poor guy hard to play through 3 versions of it, from year 2003, 2006, 2007.

1. UFO: Aftermath (Score 6.4)

2. UFO: Aftershock (Score 4.0)

3. UFO: Afterlight (Score 6.5)


06 August 2012

Project 6014 (Star Control 2/UQM Fan Sequel) Trailer 1

Project 6014 (Star Control 2/UQM Fan Sequel) Trailer 1,
Fan made mode sequel of Star Control 2.
previously: http://joranatplay.blogspot.sg/search?q=star+control+2

Joran: Note that this is a fan made sequel to Star Control 2
You can check out the game here: http://code.google.com/p/project6014/
Disclaimer: I did not check it out.

video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQBQYi88AAI&feature=player_embedded

Malicious link detected in RSS link

Malicious link detected in RSS link.

Google has prompted me to a malicious link in one of my RSS list.  I have removed it.
Thankfully, free screening services are around.
I will check my links more often.

Diablo 3 trade scam fix to be implemented in patch 1.0.4, says Blizzard

Diablo 3 trade scam fix to be implemented in patch 1.0.4, says Blizzard

source: http://www.examiner.com/article/diablo-3-trade-scam-fix-to-be-implemented-patch-1-0-4-says-blizzard


Much of the Diablo 3 fan base has become acknowledged by recent reports of users losing items in the process of trading in Diablo 3, through scams. This has escalated into a topic that many community members have become outraged about, as Blizzard has never seemed to acknowledge the fact that this is becoming a widespread issue.
Finally, Blizzard has come forward with a statement on the issue. In response to a thread on the Battle.net forums, community manager, Lylirra, has processed the following statement:

02 August 2012

Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force Heroes.

Likes: Cartoon; different weapon characteristics (duh)

play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/JuiceTin/strike-force-heroes

01 August 2012

Steam download via mobile tethering: No danger of bursting my data plan

Steam download via mobile tethering: No danger of bursting my data plan

Joran: ZzzZzzZzz...
I get 3-100 KB/s in the day, 100-200 KB/s in the night.  This is horrible.