15 September 2008

14 Sep Recreational Paintball game - the actual day

The biggest turnout ever, thanks to everyone.

+happy part - everyone had fun, I hope
-unhappy part - triggers were a bit too "happy". I get 3-4 shots as I'm dead, with my hands on my head
-caused a little stir - firing after ceasefire. Got pple complaining about it...

Why this is such a big hoo-ha?
After ceasefire, things are supposed to be *safe*. Gates are open and guards are down. For all the safety precautions that make paintball safe; these lapses are how accidents happen. Even though no malicious intent was there, but the sound of a marker going off just set off everyone's nerves. Please don't ever do that.

A - garang team
B - sniper team
C - old + young team

  1. Joran (myself)
  2. Jackson
  3. Jackson: fren1
  4. Johana
  5. Savagekilla
  6. Savagekilla: Brian
  7. Savagekilla: Brian: gf
  8. Savagekilla: Bernard
  9. Savagekilla: Justin
  10. Kit Chan
  11. Kit Chan: Fren1
  12. Kit Chan: Fren2
  13. Aoxiang
  14. Ah Yam
  15. Butters


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