27 September 2008

Sporty people are nice people

I have always thought that. That they are friendly and sociable, born from the desire to be outdoors and have fun.

-disclaimer: this covers badminton, paintball and other physical games I play.

Experiences over recent years have soured this view a bit.
-Noob calling - old bone of content.
-Elitist - pros don't want to play with you.
-Unsporting - One example, I had a relatively inexperienced badminton partner. An opponent kept making drop shots in front of her, knowing that she can't cover it 99% of the time. Since it's apparent, why does he keep scoring that way? Is winning 21-0 that way, that gratifying?

Winning a game requires us to take advantage of an opponent's weakness. Doing things that your opponent have no defense against, repeatedly in a recreational game, sucks!
-It's like making a smash hit at a newbie player in badminton.
-Serving a spin to a rookie table tennis player.
-Or using Zeus to zap opponents to death in DOTA's -wtf mode, as the abilities have no cool down delays.

Recently, there was a spate in the local blogs in one of the sports I play. I chose to keep my nose out of it. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a blog in another country laughing at us. Aren't they sportsmen as well?

Generally, I can still say the outdoor type is still a nice breed. However, there are bad sheeps everywhere.

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