25 September 2008

Star Trek TNG Enterprise D Ship - By Art Asylum, coming dec 2008

Enterprise D model, with Saucer seperation, coming Dec, 2008.
Nice thing about it is that the Saucer and the Star drive section will be held by magnets.  No more pin joints!

Sales pitch: http://diamondselecttoys.com/store.asp?p=category.asp%3FCategoryID%3D335

Magnets holding saucer need to be in center and NOT on the sides.   Is there going to be a problem with the button on the saucer?   Seems to make the saucer fall off…   Will magnets be strong enough to hold a button push or should we use the button on the back of the ship as the main button?

When the saucer section is separated, the saucer section will automatically sound the following phrase “emergencysaucersepREV”+”Undocking Saucer Noise”
For exclusive version, when saucer is separated only “Undocking Saucer Noise” will activate. All other functions remain the same.

http://www.artasylum.com/blog/2009/04/enterprise-nc1701-d-the-only-way-to-explore-the-universe/ (updated on 20120404)


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