15 September 2008

Blood lust

Pellets pounding on my bunker. I peeked out. Someone moved. I fired.
I ducked. I peeked out. Someone moved. I shot.
Who's that? I don't know.

I took me a while to get this under control. In the thick of action, my opponents blur into targets. I do not aim for people; I aim at targets. This is too much adrenaline taking over and not very good in the overall tactics.

Newbies shoot at everything that moves. That includes marshals, birds (yes, birds) and irritated "dead" players who were just trying to make their way back to the starting frame.

To shift away from this; I simply hide. Hold my fire and peek around. Who's that? Their snake guy? Their leader? Both are prime targets. Call out their positions and get your back guys to pin them down.

Thus slowly, I see my targets.

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