09 September 2008

Paintball 20080907

Wargh! Nuts decided to kick up their training for SPNS. In a show of confidence, everyone "anything"-ed it to Joran, yours truely. In an equally democratic gesture, I picked 2 dates: 7 Sept and 27 Sept.

We managed to invite R7 and A.S.S. - this time formed by members of Hot Fuzz, ExsequorX, Kamikaze.

In one of the game vs Red Sevens, Zeonic sent me to die again. He saw that I was rectifying my marker (gun) and he told me to charge. I did and went for the snake, shot Jane out. Later, it was revealed that he intended to sacrifice me as a distraction while he runs up. If that guy does it ONE more time.. or rather, the THIRD time, he'll get it. Grrr...

We had 4 more games with A.S.S. and that gave us.. Wow! 8 games in all! Expanding only 250 rounds. Happy =)

Thank you to all for the games.


  1. enchanter9/9/08 21:45

    its strategising, winning is what counts... if my marker was jammed i wld had done the same

  2. huh?
    you would have ran up with a jammed marker?

  3. enchanter10/9/08 13:28

    yes cos that would had given u a better chance of taking out the other team. when its 2 v 1, it makes no sense to do it 1 on 1. rush!