16 January 2009

Op Busted Cherry [brief]

Op Busted Cherry [brief]
-from Andy

Hi all,

We are good to go for this Sunday's game. Come dressed in your favorite army gear and get ready for WARRGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total Headcount from Singapore is 39.

For those of your friends not on this mailing list, please forward it to them as I wouldnt have their address if they didnt RSVP.

- Meeting Time = 8am
- Location = xxxxx MRT Station Drop Off Point

Program for the Day (best/worse case, all times are approximate)
0800 - Meet Up @ xxxxx MRT
0815 - Van leaves for check point
0830 - Check point clearance
0900 - Hopefully we are on the way to Bkt Ramly
0930 - Arrival at Bkt Ramly -> change to game gear, etc.
1000 - Orientation + Game
1230 - Lunch
1330 - Briefing for scenario + planning time for teams
1600 - Operation Ends -> rest/clean up
1700 - Leave for dinner
1800 - Dinner
2000 - Depart for SG.

Things to Note
- Please drink as much water as possible the night before and during the day too.
* Bottled water is available on site.
- Please DO NOT fill your hydration (water) bags with these bottles or there will not be enough. Suggest you freeze your waterbags the night before for a whole day of cold water ;)
- Game will carry on in light to moderate rain.
- Drink when you can even if you dont feel thirsty.
- Play area, please see the attached map.
- If you are not feeling well on Sunday, or feel that you cant carry on, do let us know.
- A basic 1st Aid Kit is available for cuts and scraps.
- Hydrate yourself during the breaks.
- You will get tired and you will get hit by paintballs so please get ample rest the night before.

Things to Bring
- Change of clothes, DO NOT wear your SAF army gear to/fro.
- Those players in SAF #4... do remove all rank and insignia if possible.
- Those without camouflage clothes, please try to wear darker colored clothes, do not wear white unless you want everyone to know where you are :)
- Hiking boots with ankle protection or covered shoes at the minimal.
- NO slippers, sandals, etc.
- Knee/Elbow pads are useful, suggest you sewed a little loop onto the knee area of your pants to prevent the knee pads from shifting during play.
- Anti-fog solution.
- Towel, wet wipes to clean up with.
- Mossie repellent - dont recall ever being bitten tho but then again, it could be coz my blood isnt sweet enough.
- Snacks and morale food in case you need some motivation ;)
- Some RM$ just in case you need to use it.
- And most importantly, a positive attitude :)

We will be heading to a nearby mall for dinner. Please bring RM$ to pay for your own dinner.

WarGH! (pronounced as 'War!') - Tactical Team Sports. Bringing the Battlefield Alive.

"Si vis pacem para bellum."

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