27 January 2009

Op Busted Cherry - write-up, 2/2

Op Busted Cherry - write-up, 2/2
(please refer to Op Busted Cherry - write-up, 1/2)

-Game 3
We switched the playing fields. This time, we were looking at a "valley", separated by a muddy stream, with a single wooden bridge. The enemy has snatched our buddy, who looked like a inflated blue dummy. He's a swell guy, really.

We started the descent. We constantly had to watch our footing or pitfalls.  Once we reached the lower part of the slopes, we came under fire.  Some of us scrambled for the high ground to our left.

The left was a mistake.  We ended up in a duel with people hiding behind the banana tree.  There's a path of the left, along the fenceline but there's someone guarding it.  I was leaking gas at this moment as the tank was not screwed tight; was quite worried that either I ran out of gas or the tank might free itself and give me a nasty punch.  So I did something reckless and dueled with the guy on the left.  Died.

Round: Lost

Zeonic lost air again this round so he was rather pissed.  He had paid extra to get a marker which was customised to look like an AK-47.

-Game 4
We switched sides and this time, we got their blue buddy!  Heh Heh.

The multicam guys were laid as a 4 men team, fanned out on a ledge overlooking the bridge.  The bridge was short, wide enough to squeeze 2 and can be crossed in 4 steps.  That means the stream is too wide to jump over.

Myself, Chak, Zeonic, Kongba were positioned in a hut, which had seen better days.  The hut is on the highest ground and overlooks our guys on the ledge.  Xterix patrolled the ledge from left to right.  Some of our guys watched our right flank, where I tried to approach in Game 3.  Our left was supposed to be impassable.

Game start.  The attackers filtered down to the bridge and got bogged down by our fire.  Team Wargh! Nuts was pretty bored as we were too far from the action.  Our guys were making decent kills.

Ceasefire.  An attacker got stuck in the stream and we halted play to get him out.  4 of the attackers got the bright idea of crossing the bridge during this truce; this was watched by us but we kept quiet.  Unknown to us, 2 of the attackers made an illegal out-of-bounds crossing on our left flank, successfully crossing the stream without the need of a bridge.

Carry on.  The 4 attackers were shot "dead" instantly as our guys on the ledge had them in their sights.  Served them right.  Meanwhile, Xterix was worried about our left flank and asked for 2 volunteers from our hut.  Chak and I responded.

Upon reaching our left flank, one of our team member was engaging 2 enemies.  I rushed up, dueled with them.  Shouting for Chak to move up, I moved between the speedboats.  One of the attackers made a run for the hut, catching us by surprise.  Me and Chak turned on him.  Kongba and Zeonic poked out of the huts, firing.  He surrendered from the paint.  Phew.

Turning back to the remaining foe, I added pressure on him; there were 2 markers firing on him.  He ran for another cover and I think our initial defender shot him under his armpits.  Threat cleared :)

Hungry for another "kill", I patrolled the top but there are no more attackers to be killed; they were still stuck on the opposite "bank", trading shots with us.  Bored, I stood next to a malay guy in the open.
"Aiyah, this range cannot hit us la"
As soon as he said that, a ball arced in and broke on my chest.
"Yeah, like this lor", I remarked dryly.

Ceasefire!  Everyone sort of went bezerk, emptying their remaining paint into the air.  Us at the back shot of our paint at a tin shack

I declared almost immediately that this will be my last attempt at woodsball.  On reflection, I think the appeal is that it is a common experience that is shared by a larger group of friends, instead of a 3 to 4 men speedball team.  Stupid stories like KongBa's and mine can be retold as funny jokes.
Perhaps I might be open for another game in another site but it won't be happening so soon.  Key concerns are time and fatigue.
Thank you to Wargh! Dogs and Wargh! Nuts for the good time :)


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