25 January 2009

Op Busted Cherry - write-up, 1/2

Op Busted Cherry - write-up

6am - I woke up
7.15am - I arrived at Bishan MRT taxi stand
7.45am - Someone just woke up (Yes, I must say!!!)
8.45am - We set off for 2nd Link (We're only 1 hr 45 mins late)
10am - Had MacDonald's after crossing the borders
10++am - Arrived at "Bukit Ramly"
11.30am - First game, offense
12++am - 2nd game, defense
2pm - 3rd game , offense
3pm - 4th game, defense
4pm - Play a fool
Terrain: Uneven sloped grassland with few trees. Got to watch your footing.
Paint: Yellow, dry and leaves a white stain
Cover: Long grass, wooden boards, broken down huts
Rules: Anything goes, with safety in mind
Elimination: A hit on the torso or head. Or if a person goes Out-of-bounds

-Game 1
In the first game, we were the attackers. We were quite catious in approaching the hill. After we contacted an enemy, we started to fan out. We managed to make the enemy snipers duck back in but nothing much is done. At this point, I decided to crawl up the grassy slope while the others continue up the dirt trail.

I reached the first tree where the first enemy was spotted; there was nobody. I popped up my head and scanned around and almost immediately drew fire. I hit the ground and the long grass provided good cover. Somewhere behind me, Zeonic opened fire and pinned my attacker down. I got up, saw his legs and took a shot; it hit his thigh; he wriggled away. A bunch of tall grass stood between us so we couldn't directly fire at each other. I rounded the grass and saw his lower body again, I hit him now on his biceps; he wriggled away again.

Feeling pity for his hits, as well as frustrated, I called out for him to surrender. He readily did. Thus, Zeonic and I got our first kill =]

My demise came about the same way. Shots came from my front and back (what the...) and I had to duck. I saw someone; Someone saw me. We decided to charge each other while the other was in the vulnerable prone position. I got pinned and got hit 3 times around my thighs; I surrendered.

[Pic] Splatters on my back with a teammate taking a drink. (Click to enlarge)

Round: Lost

On inspection, I only suffered a single bruise on my thigh. The groin shots were probably deflected because the material was stretched taut while I was scrambling.

-Game 2
This time, we're the defenders. Taking the same "hill", we choose our bunkers. My bunker was simply a propped up wooden board. Zeonic and Kongba had a broken down shed. The gaps in the planks gave only about 40% cover but it was sufficient. They did not get a hit throughout the game.

On game start, a lone enemy took the steep slope to approach us, instead of the gentler trail. He was spotted by our guys on the "plateu" and fired upon, killed within a minute. I witnessed the event but could not participate as I could not sight him.

Next, a section came openly up the path. Chak opened fire and they scattered into 2 squads, left and right. The left was "higher up the slope and nearer to us. The right was "lower down" and near a tree. The left was decimated rather quickly while the right was sneaky and only got shot out near the end. The rest of the enemy was unknown to us. I assumed they were killed by our guys on a different approach. It was the action of the squad that split to the left (nearer to us) that involved me.

I was dutifuly watching my approach. The initial action was started by Chak. Now the action was with Zeonic and Kongba, as well as our "snipers" on top of the "plateau". I'm more useful in covering a retreat for the three of them, if it happens.

[Pic] Our positions. Click to enlarge.

A long "fart" by Zeonic's marker told all of us that his marker was down. I was then reassigned to take up his position. If you look at my bunk, you can see that the "bunker" was not a very good cover. It was a 40% cover bunker versus someone hiding in the tall grass. Amazingly, not a shot got through to us, probably thanks to the tall grass as well as our friends above us.

One of the enemy got very close and disclosed his location to me. I took advantage of the grass and ran to his right, unobserved. Another guy apparently had the same idea and slided down to join me. We marked that guy out but came under heavy fire ourselves. I covered his retreat and let him return to his vantage point.

[Pic] development of the skirmish. Click to enlarge.

Over giddy with success, I stayed in the field, waiting for the hidden foes. A smack on the right side of my head taught me the errors of my ways.

Round: Won

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