27 August 2008

Explaination of labels

I've decided to remove the label list from display. This post shall act as a site map.

blog - regarding this blog
broadcast - things that made it into the news or highly excites me

commentary - got something to say

gameArcade - games found in arcade centers or console based
gameFlash - online flash games
gamePC - pc games
gameSocial - games that needs others to play with you, excludes paintball as it already has a "super-tag"
games - "super-tag" involving games

grumble - something to complain about

links - hyperlinks to other sites, excludes gameFlash

onlineVideo - online videos

paintball - "super-tag". covers all paintball topics
pball_Gear - my gear or anything on paintball gear
pball_RD5 - rd5 league
pball_SPNS - singapore paintball novice series
pball_team - my team

reflections - things to think about

share - things to share
social - my social life
startrek - startrek stuffs

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