12 August 2008

Thailand banned GTA after "copycat murder"

How convenient..
and so I continue my rant. I'm lazy today and will just paste an excerpt from Wikipedia. While this is an utterly disgraceful way of holding a debate, let me point out that politicians who took pot shots at games have no solid grounds to stand on either!

--excerpt from Wikipedia
The most common argument against video games is that they promote violence. A counter-argument commonly expressed in the video game community is that playing these games does not motivate players to actually commit acts of violence in reality; playing a first person shooter does not cause most people to commit murder. A US Secret Service study found that only 12 percent of those involved in school shootings were attracted to violent video games, while 24 percent read violent books and 27 percent were attracted to violent films.[5]
An Australian study found that only children already predisposed to violence were affected by violent games.[6]

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