27 August 2008

Paintball, how to get certified to play without the safety line and competitive play

edit1: updated

~~if you want to be BTO-ed, aka certified for competitive play~~
1. register in forum

2. come to this thread

What is the BTO?
The SPNS Basic Tournament Orientation (BTO) is designed to ensure that all participants at Red Dynasty Paintball Park are competent to play competitive paintball in accordance with PBAS requirements.

The course will be conducted by the Paintball Association of Singapore (PBAS). In this course, participants will learn about paintball safety and how to handle the marker in order to ensure a safe playing environment for everyone.
After the theory lesson, participants will be required to undergo a MCQ test before a practical test. Only after passing this practical test would they be allowed to play in the SPNS and the RD5 League and train w/o a centre line.

Do note that people is for people who want to be part of the paintball community - it is not just for people who want to play on field 3 and not join in the tournament paintball culture. The tournament paintball culture is one of walk-in, sharing of the field and scrimmages against other teams. Private practice sessions are subject only to field availability.

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