14 August 2008

14 Sep Recreational Paintball game

edit1: time

I'm organising a game on 14th Sep, Sunday
The aim this time is to catch those people who promised me to turn up if the game is on a Sunday or "next-time".

In light of the high attrition rate (60%) the last time, I'm going for a larger turnout of 24 this time. Feel free to ask your friends along but do inform me first so that we don't over-subscribe people.

Here's the a preliminary list I expect to see:
  1. Annalynn
  2. Derek
  3. Huijun
  4. Huijun: Ah Boon
  5. Jackson
  6. Johana
  7. Morgan
  8. Smeagol

Start "reporting" now..
Venue: BottleTree Park, Khatib
Time: 4.30pm to 7pm
  • Gathering time: 4.15pm
  • Briefing: 4.30pm. Compulsory for new players; don't be late!
  • End time: 7pm
Costs: $50 pax

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